Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Day After Hanukkah....

Mossa'ei Hanukkah 5767

HanukkiyahDried FruitWell, now that Hanukkah is over, stores in Israel will begin stocking up on dried fruits, various wines and grape juice, in the annual attempt to commercialize Tu biShvat (New Year of the the Trees) and profit from it.

Purim GiftMishloah Manoth ListI, on the other hand, will be preparing my Purim mishlo'ah manoth list (gifts sent to friends on Purim). Then, between now and Purim, I will be paying attention to who is being "naughty or nice." Those who are "naughty" will receive a nastly red line through his* name.

"Nya-ha-ha! YOU will not receive any manoth from me!" if he really cares....

But, that's not the point. I will still get satisfaction in punishing him, crossing him off of my list with a big and nasty, red marking pen!

Oh,...yeah,...that's right. There's negative misswah "Lo Linqom" - You will not take revenge on another Jew (Lev. 19:18, Mishnah Torah Hil. De'oth 7:9).

Hmmm...I guess that throws a stick into the spokes of my evil plan.

Then, of course, there's that minhag (custom), every one wants to keep telling me about, of making a point of giving manoth Purim to those individuals with whom I am b'rogez (enraged; not on speaking terms).

Gee...I guess that means I should take the names I will have crossed out by, say, Erev Shabbath Parshath Zakhor (12 of the Eleventh Month this year), and put them at the top of my mishlo'ah manoth list.

I never was very good at implementing [terribly] evil plans....


*It is most certainly NOT tzanu'a for a man to give or send manoth to a woman. Many have the opinion that there is a hashash (concern) over the making of a qinyan (in this case, an initiation of a betrothal). So, please do not waste your time and mine by sending me any silly accusations of being sexist.


Anonymous said...

Hope I dont get a red line for missing this post in HH100.
Thats on the rather large assupmtion I was on you list Yaaqov.

Gee I wonder why Olmert isn't on there?

Shalom Aaron

Esser Agaroth said...

B"H Nope, that's OK. It was on the previous HH. Olmert never made the list in the first place. And, to be honest, I haven't had the time to begin my list yet!

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