Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Jew Fights For His Home

24 of the Fourth Month 5767

Yitzhaq HershkovitzYitzhaq Hershkovitz is fighting to regain control of his house from Arab squatters in "East" Jerusalem.

The INN TV Report with Aharon Deutch can been viewed by clicking here.

Giv'ath Elnaqam 4I had the honor of meeting Yitzhaq Hershkovitz on Shabbath, as he was in Tapu'ah, a couple of friends from Jerusalem and Qiriyath Arba. At dinner on Giv'ath Elnaqam 4 he gave a D'var Torah, in which he concluded that one should be cautious in choosing friends, as it can very difficult to know who your friends are and who your enemies are, in this day and age.

After a 15-year fight, Mr. Hershkovitz finally obtained a court order to have the squatters removed. Yet, the police has not been helpful in enforcing the evacuation. One of the issues was that the Arabs were keeping their goats hidden inside the house, which apparently is against the zoning regulations. However, every time the police arrived to execute the order, or rather do a pre-execution investigation, the goats are taken outside through the back an and hidden somehow. There is now a stay on the eviction order.

Fortunately, he has been getting some support from friends, including the Defense-training and Torah-study, IBF Canine Unit, based in K'far Tapu'ah.

I'll try to find out more information about what can be done to assist and support him.


doodlehead said...

i read about this a while back, i thought he got his house back then. apparently the arabs had other ideas.

Batya said...

I think that the problem is with the Israeli police, not the Arabs.

Unknown said...

Hmm, if a Jew were to try to squat on Arab territory, he'd be killed quickly. Good thing this is an Arab trying to squat on Jewish territory.

Free Israel said...

And the Arab anti Israel bigots have the audecity to call Israel an "apartheid"?

The Israeli court was always favoring Arabs OVER Israeli Jews, Arabs in Israel have MORE rights than Jews!