Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ben-Ya'akov Receives Administrative Restraining Order

5 of the Eighth Month 5768

Yekutiel Ben Ya'akov (Mike Guzofsky) has received an expulsion order from K'far Tapu'ah where he resides and runs a security canine program and yeshiva on the K'far Tapu'ah Hilltop.

Ben Ya'akov is forbidden from entering anywhere in Judea and Samaria, excluding Maleh Adumim until the end of December. The edict was signed by General Gadi Shamni the Chief of all troops in Judea and Samaria, and who is empowered by the military authority that governs the "territories" to exile Jews and to execute other emergency administrative orders for "state security purposes."

Ben Ya'akov recently submitted his candidacy in the municipal elections of Kfar K'far Tapu'ah. The military order that expels him from K'far Tapu'ah is clearly interfering with the democratic political process and will make it difficult for him to campaign and seek election.

Nerya Ofan of Yitzhar also received a similar expulsion order.

Ben Ya'akov and Ofan's official response will be released shortly.

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