Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Does He Know? - part 2

Report: Melchior Knew of Gaza Border Breach in Advance

MK Michael Melchior( MK Rabbi Michael Melchior (Labor-Meimad) had advance warning that Gaza terrorists planned to blow apart the international border with Egypt in late January but failed to pass the information on to security officials, Army Radio reported Thursday.

More than 500,000 Arabs crossed from Gaza to Sinai during a week-long period that there was no functional border, and security officials believe Hamas imported vast quantities of quality weaponry and ammunition through the open border. They estimate the arms include anti-tank weaponry, RPGs, rifles, bomb-making equipment and more.

Former Shin Bet Security Chief Yaakov Peri defended Melchior, saying advance warning of the breach would not have made any difference to Israel's reaction to the incident. "Let's say we'd known 48 hours in advance. What, exactly, would we have done differently?"

How the hell does MK Michael Melchior receive such information? You will notice that the word "rabbi" is missing in the previous sentence. This was done purposefully. So, I had better quell some of your hysterics over this "heinous act of disrespect," including the hysterics of the 12 percent of Efrat residents who voted for Labor-Meimad in 5758/1998. You read correctly...12 percent. Let me back-track and provide you with a little tidbit of information on the illustrious Member of Kenesseth.

He has never, to the best of my knowledge EVER said anything intelligent in his role as Member of Kenesseth. If anyone is able to find something of the sort, I will be happy to stand corrected Please post a comment.

Even religious-hater extraordinaire, former MK Yosef "Tommy" Lapid has made at least one intelligent statement in his official role. In opposing Yasar Arafat's burial in Jerusalem, he said, "Jerusalem is where we bury Jewish kings, not terrorists."

OK. Not so thrilling, but remember we're talking about Tommy Lapid here.

Back to Melchior,...Smicha-Shmicha. A piece of paper is meaningless to me, and meaningless al pi halacha, but don't tell anyone. It's one of the greatest kept secrets in the Jewish World.

The above photo shows him,...well, pointing and talking at a young, religious man (Just the facts, ma'am). I can only imagine what he's saying. The original photo has his Meima"d Party's approval, too. Meima"d, by the way, is a Hebrew acronym, standing for "A Jewish State, a Democratic State."

Sounds lovely to many of you, I am sure. However, you will be hard pressed to find anything on the Meima"d website having to do with halacha. Halacha? What's that? Does that have something to do with being Jewish?

Its site seems dedicated to "getting along with the goyim" INSIDE OF Israel, which incidentally, with certain exceptions which are few and far between is contrary to halacha, at least according to the Ramba"m (Hil. Avodah Zarah we'Huqoth haGoyim 10).

Now I ask you again. How does HE know, what appears to be sensitive, intelligence information? That's "intelligence," not "intelligent."

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