Friday, June 20, 2008

Shabbath In Tapu'ah And Saturday Nights Live!

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Shelah Lekha 5768

Shabbath In Tapu'ah
Since the torching of the hilltop Beth Midrash of Elnaqam 4 three months ago, our traditionally guest-filled, Shabbath tables in K'far Tapu'ah have been pretty shvach.

But we will not be broken!

Last Shabbath marked the first in a long line of summer Shabbathoth to be capped off with a Malaweh Malkah concert.

As usual, and in the true spirit of Ahavath EfYisra'el, Shabbath in Tapu'ah always brings together guests from diverse backgrounds, Hassidish, Litvish, Religious Zionist, modern, all sorts.

Everyone came together Erev Shabbath, and was K'far Tapu'ah has one of the only man-made miqwah for men in the area, the next closest being in Eli. In the colder months, men come from all over the area to

After Tefillath Minhah and Qabballath Shabbath, we learned Mishnah Shabbath 2 "Bameh Madliqin" with the perush of the Ramba"m.

The temperature had gone significantly, so it was a pleasant walk back to the main town, especially with song and conversation of everyone getting acquainted and re-acquainted.

Dinner was traditional Yerushalmi, with bread and salads, and thick spicy soup. Ashkinazy hallah could be seen along side Iraqi lafah, chopped liver along side of matbuhah and zhug, and of course zucchini salad. Ezra's spicy soup capped off dinner, which was followed by schmoozing and singing, and jallah till late. Guard had to be kept over Yekutiel's chollent, so that there would be some for lunch the next morning.

Tefillath Shaharith
, qiddush, and lunch, finally ending at around 2:30, was followed by a surprise trip to the miqwah. A great idea in this heat!

The guys got in a few Z's before the walk back up to the hill for Minhah. Then after a tour of the hill, and its livestock, and pointing out the sites in view mentioned in the Torah, we headed back for Se'udath Shlishith and Tefillah Aravith.

But the "Tapu'ah Experience" wasn't over yet!

Saturday Nights Live!
After Havdallah, it was time to set-up for the Melaweh Malkah concert, starring Rocky Ziegler from Jerusalem!

Some of you may already know Rocky from his 'hood in Jerusalem, Nahla'oth. Rocky also owns and operates Hilltop Studio. Check it out.

Also, Ben honored us with his original "There Ain't No Sex In Terrorist Heaven" (23:30).

And, what you've all been waiting for, the video of last Saturday night's concert!

Stay tuned, Dov Shurin, famous for his Biblical Revenge album, is expected this Shabbath. His concert tomorrow night is not to be missed!

Rocky, lead vocals and guitar, Ben, vocals and guitar; Gavriel, keyboard; Yitzi, straight flute; Meilich, harmonica and vocals; Eliyahu (from Tapu'ah), side flute.


Anonymous said...

Nu? Are you featured in the video at any point?

Thanks for posting the clip; the concert sounded great!

Shabbat Shalom!

Esser Agaroth said...

Nope. I don't think so. I may have walked past the camera briefly when I said goodbye to Meilich. But I think I had left before the camera was set up.

Rafi G. said...

don't you guys have any natural maayans like many yishuvim have to use for mikvas?

Esser Agaroth said...

Rafi, Yes. One is quite far (toward Nofei Nehemiah), but people go there once in a while. The one which is closer, people do not go to on Shabbath, as it is right next to Yassuf, and has caused controversy as to whether one may carry a weapon (to do what can be done within the yishuv - tovel), or whether it will automatically cause the army to be called out, when they should be doing more important things, etc.

Erev Shabbath people sometimes drive out there, or more often to the ma'ayan (spring) next to Har Brachah.

During the colder months many men c come to Tapu'ah Erev Shabbath because it's heated, and one of the few men's miqwoth in the area.

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