Thursday, September 11, 2008

Top Ten Words and Phrases of תשס"ח/5768

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Ki Thetzei 5768

The following is the list of Top Ten Words and Phrases of תשס"ח/5768. The presentation of this list is an annual tradition. Do not expect to understand all of these words, nor the point to their being listed here, unless of course, you know me personally.

This year's list is dedicated in celebration of Effie's recent hasanah and impending birthday, the birth of David's daughter (may she be zokhah to linguistic fabulousness), and Matti's impending engagement. Gee. I hope I didn't just jinx it....


Shannah Tovah.

10. Recalcitrant credit to The Kalashnikover Rebbe

9. Every where, like such as, and... Credit to last year's Miss Teen South Carolina

8. I personally believe that... Don't we all? More credit to last year's Miss Teen South Carolina

7. Vilde Hayah (Yid: "wild animal") - Don't ask.

6. Sour Puss partzuf hamutz in Hebrew - I hope not to see anymore of these next year.

5. Perfunctory

4. Precarious

3. Accusatory K-Rebbe had something to do with this one, too.

2. Nefarious credit to The Elder Of Ziyon

And the top word or phrase of תשס"ח/5768 is...

1. Ergo credit to Solomon Corners

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Elder of Ziyon said...

I am truly honored!

Soccer Dad already cited me once for my use of the word "indefatigable."