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The Esser Agaroth Guide To Israeli Political Parties

2 of the Eleventh Month 5769

National UnionFirst off, the National Union Party is the only party which opposes the establishment of another Arab state bordering Israel. Second, here's a look at the individuals on the party list: #1 Ya'akov Ka"tz was one of the founders of Arutz 7 (Israel National News Radio), sending the message that state-run radio was not sufficient for the Religious Zionist public, that a more independent voice was needed. When #2 Uriel Ariel has spoken in front of the Kenesseth, not only has he stated very clearly that all of the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People, but also why: HaShem has promised it to us, as stated in the Torah. #3 Aryeh Eldad does not identify himself as religious, but has a strong Jewish identity. He does not mince words, and puts his money where his mouth is, demonstrated by his moving to a Northern Shomron community before the 5765 (2005) Kadima Expulsion of Jews. #4 Michael Ben-Ari's views, as well as a demonstration of his integrity, can be found in this recent YNET article. #5 Uri Bank made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) with his parents at the age of 12 from the U. S., served as a lone soldier in the IDF, and has some very great ideas about encouraging aliyah from western countries. #6 Ron Breiman serves on the executive board of Professors for a Strong Israel.

LikudThe Likud Party is the current front-runner in the polls, with Kadima in close second. There was an expression going around a number of years ago, "You voted for Ariel Sharon; you got Shimon Peres." Let me be the first to adapt this expression for the day after the impending elections. "You voted for Bibi Netanyahu; you got Shimon Peres." If Netanyahu's pandering to the left, his henchman Dan Meridor whispering into his ear that he should give away the Golan Heights, and plan to make a government with either Kadima or Labor isn't enough to convince you to vote for another party, then take a look at the last time he was prime minister. He adhered to Israel's commitment to the Oslo Death Accords. He complied with the agreement signed by Peres, and released Hevron into Arab hands. Under Sharon, he supported the expulsion of Jews from Gaza. To those of you who are voting for the Likud in order to secure a place in the Kenesseth for Moshe Feiglin, even though you KNOW he's only going to get screwed over, I know I'm just wasting my breath. But, I hope you KNOW that he's just going to get screwed over. Next time around, convince Feiglin, an admirable man, to join the National Union, and see a small party transform into a not so small party after all. (There are only two good things about Bibi Netanyahu: 1. His English, and his ability to convey his Prime Minister's intentions to the International Community, and 2. His economic policies, hard in the short-term, good for the Israeli economy in the long-run. Please don't throw too many rocks at me. Bibi, go back to being U. N. ambassador or Finance Minister where you belong. Your sneakiness and self-interest will serve Israel well in one of those capacities.) Um,...and did I mention that the World Likud wants to help Christians come settle here? It's hared to believe, and crazy, I know. But it's true. (Click here to learn more.)

KadimaThe "Sharon doesn't get all that he wants, and his sons are threatened with prison, so he'll make up a new party by teaming up with his arch political nemesis Shimon Peres" party - Kadima's political ideology is the quintessential Israeli political party ideology: It has none. Its only interest is maintaining power, and it attempts to cover that up with its slobbering kushen tuchus of the goyim. Some of you disagree with this description, and believe that the party name kadima which can mean "moving forward" or "let's go" indicates the urgency this party has in giving away land and caving into other demands of the West. (To those of you who believe this, I think that you are giving Kadima party members way too much credit. Kadima was a way for MK's who were concerned about losing their seats to keep them. Other MK's gambled on Sharon, gaining ministerial portfolios when they gambled correctly.)

Labor Party The Labor "Let's make a war to get votes" Party. (Now where have I heard that one before? "Wag the dog..." Of course, Kadima shares the guilt in this election ploy.) It is led by Ehud "allegedly sent religious and Ethiopian soldiers into an ambush in Lebanon" Baraq. (No, I don't think we need to hear anymore about the Labor Party, do we?)

Israel Our HomeAvigdor Lieberman's Israel Our Home Party is certainly more of a home than the "Jewish Home Party." Even just by living in Yehudah (Judea), south of Jerusalem, Lieberman has done more to support the settling of Yehudah and Shomron (Samaria) than the likes of Zevulun Orlev. Unfortunately, Lieberman has also stated on more than one occasion a proposal which supports the creation of yet another Arab terrorist state, side by side with Israel. Not only would this entail the secession of land in Yehudah and Shomron, but also the "trading" of additional lands in exchange for the maintaining of control over blocks of Jewish towns. Lieberman is also,...well,...let's just say he's not known for always thinking carefully before he opens his mouth. On the other hand, former Likud MK Uzi Landau is his number 2 man on the Israel Our Home list. Hopefully, he will be there to keep him in line. I'll say one thing for Lieberman, though. He is no friend to Arabs. Lieberman to Arab MKs: "We'll handle you as we dealt with Hamas." But, personally, I wouldn't take any chances by voting for them. (By the way, has anyone bothered to ask Lieberman his stand on "civil marriage" and Shabbath laws?)

Jewish Home PartyThe Jewish Home Party is neither Jewish, a home, nor even a party. Discuss amongst yourselves.... The most positive outcome of this election will be that the Jewish Home Party (the "new" National Religious Party) will not make into the Kenesseth. barring any tricks up the sleeve of the Israeli Supreme Court, which would be happy to have these do-nothings in Kenesseth, and could find away to get them in, at the expense of the National Union. Stay tuned.... Nonetheless, we will not have seen the last or MK Zevulun Orlev yet who will no doubt try to claw his way back up from the gutter to the top of the hill of losers and manipulators, and Uri Orbach who will no doubt continue his Haredi-bashing and rants against "extremists." (You know what an extremist is, don't you? Someone who follows the Torah, without making it up as he goes along.) Good riddance to bad rubbish! What really bugs me about the Jewish Home Party is their hypocrisy, yep, even more so that its wishy-washiness and its "I'll do anything for you" love for its seats in Kenesseth. I provide a more detailed post about the Jewish Home Party's record here. In a nutshell, it's just Kadima with a kippah.

SheretzMeretz, or what I like to call sheretz (Morfix.co.il: insect, bug; vermin) has included such illustrious members as Shulamit "I'll walk through Me'ah She'arim in a halter top if I want to" Eloni, Yossi "Cancel the reading of Megillath Esther because it's racist" Sarid, and Yossi "I'll illegally negotiate the Oslo Accords in secret, because I know what's good for Israel better than anyone else" Beilin. ("Ba'al Gaivah" Beilin negotiated the Oslo Death Accords while he was a member of the Labor Party, but sneakily worked on the Geneva Death Accords while a member of Yachad, now part of Meretz.) Now, and this will surprise most of you, say what you will about Sheretz, but at least this party is relatively clear about its message, as well as consistent. It is evil, of course, but clear and consistent, nonetheless. The Sheretz message includes the destruction of Torah and all things Jewish, the encouragement of apikoursian teaching in the Israeli school system, the indoctrination of religious children into contemporary Israeli society. and the list goes on. Issues such as so-called "civil marriage" and peaceful coexistence with Yishmaelim (Arabs) through dialogue and land giveaways are only details in it plan of suicide and destruction of the Jewish People. Two words: Eruv Rav. (Hey, I am all for peace. I am a big "peace-nik." It's just that my vision of peace looks very different than Sheretz's version. The Jewish People already have a peace plan. It's called the Torah.)

One other interesting note, MK Zahavah Gal-On actually crossed party lines, as it were, to oppose the administrative detention of Land of Israel activist No'am Federman, as she believed that such action is not appropriate without due process. Although halachah dictates that we assume she had ulterior motives in doing so, this was certainly an eye-catcher.

Too bad the feminists were silent while female residents of Yehudah and Shomron sexually harassed while being held in the Tirtzah Prison. Allegations of such treatment have spanned over the past four years. Many believe, and studies on such abuse tend to suggest, that many such incidents have gone unreported. Sheretz represents the quintessential, elitist philosophy of the "progressive" Left-wing: All Jews are equal, but some Jews are more equal than others (alla George Orwell's Animal Farm).

The GreensLed by current Vice-Mayor of Tel-Aviv Pe'er Visner, The Greens gained several seats on city and on other local councils in the latest elections, this past fall. As you might have guessed, their focus is on the environment. They see Israel as a Jewish state, and as "our natural right which does not allow for any objection." They see the Israeli - Arab conflict has one of the causes for damage to the environment, and security often used as an excuse for its neglect. I should probably do some research on Visner, which give me some insight into this party. Their website's "education" section, the section about which I was most curious, was not up yet. The Greens like trains, which gains them a few more points in my book. As a self-proclaimed "right-wing extremist tree-hugger," I certainly hope that those making it into the Kenesseth will consider some of the policies of The Greens, and be open-minded enough to cross party lines to implement some of them. You can check out their party's platform in Hebrew here.

The Green Movement-MeimadEven with fellow blogger Asher's help, I couldn't figure out what the difference between this Green Movement party and the The Greens. According to Israel National News, this party has associations with green movements in Europe. On the other hand, I am all too familiar with Meimad, the Green Movement's partner. Meimad was the left-wing party faction of the National Religious Party which broke away to form its own party. For years now, Meimad had been running together with the Labor Party. They have since left Labor, and considered several options before joining up the Green Movement. If you have more information about either of these parties, you should feel free to mention it in the comments section. (If for no other reason, do not vote for them because of Meimad. In a nutshell, its hypocrisy and stupidity puts that of the Jewish Home Party to shame.)

RAM-TALRA"M - TA"L is the "new and improved," [unified] Unified Arab List (RA"M) and the Arab Renewal Movement (TA"L), both euphemisms for "We're more patient than Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad, regarding the destruction of Israel,...but we're happy to be of help." Periodically, the respective "loyalties" of party members like [gynecologist] MK Ahmed Tibi* are called into question, but the Israeli Supreme Court never fails to come to their rescue. (*Seriously, what Jewish woman in her mind would let this man touch her?)

BaladBala"d (National Democratic Assembly) more careless about their support for terrorists and their sponsors. The visits to Syria without wavers from the Interior Ministry are a dead giveaway. Former MK Azmi Bishara recently escaped persecution for treason, and is living in Syria or Dubai or who knows where. The Israeli Supreme Court and Israeli Attorney General also came to Bala"d's rescue, clearing the way for them to run in national elections.

Blank Ballot OK. This is not a political party, but it is a political option, if you do not want to participate in the Hellenist process of democracy, or in Israel deMOCKracy, where the Supreme Court [or Kenesseth or party leaders] just change the rules whenever they believe that power is beginning to slip away. I prefer to vote this time around, if nothing else to do my part to prevent an additional leftist or Arab from entering the Kenesseth. The current system is the one we have,...for now. I can understand not wanting to give legitimacy to the current, non-Torah system of government. But, until I see anyone begin to get serious about changing the system, I cannot sit by while leftists and Arabs freely enter the government.

I did not mention Unitied Torah Judaism nor Shas here. Chances are that you have already decided whether you will vote for one of these religious parties or not. Perhaps I will write about them later.

After all of the above, the conclusion is fairy simple. The "right-wing" has does it again, shooting itself in the foot. Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be a bumpy ride....


Milhouse said...

Netanyahu did not renege on a promise to revoke Oslo; on the contrary, he promised before the election to adhere to all agreements, and he did so. That's a promise he should have broken, but he didn't. And while he did give away Chevron (in compliance with the agreement signed by Peres, to which he said Israel was committed), it was Rabin who gave away Yericho and Aza, and started the PA pseudo-state.

Esser Agaroth said...

Milhouse, Thank you for the corrections and reminders about some other facts.

Daniel said...

The Green Movement started last summer when two prominent environmental activists (with tons of accomplishments to their credit) decided that environmental interests weren't being given proper treatment in Knesset, and that the Green Party was not the authentic voice of the environmental community. The leadership of the environmental community, scholars, and environmental practitioners immediately joined. The Green Movement has a broader interpretation of environmental politics, believing that economic and social equity must be dealt with - so the party is strong on education, health care, public transportation, opposing (in most cases) the privatization of public services, and of course, environment. Joining with Meimad was a natural step, considering that Rabbi Melchior has an excellent record in advancing social, environmental and educational issues in the Knesset. Also, many of the Green Movement members are observant Jews who draw their environmental and political ethics from religious sources, as does Rabbi Melchior. It is truly a party where religious and secular, Jewish and Arab, and all the various sectors of Israeli society can feel at home. Much, much more at http://hayeruka-meimad.org.il.

Esser Agaroth said...

Daniel, I would like to thank you for the information about the Green Movement. You provided exactly what I was asking for, details, and details specifically about the differences between the Greens and Green Movement.

Obviously, the above post is far from objective. Since you wrote such a nice comment, I won't ruin things by going off on a rant against Michael Melchior here. I do that elsewhere on this blog. I will simply state that I would use several other verbs besides "advancing" to describe his ideas on social and educational [and religious] issues.

Daniel said...


Enjoy the fun leading up to elections.


Esser Agaroth said...


Daniel, I don't know you, except that you seem to be a good sport!


Esser Agaroth said...

Millhouse, according to A7...

Netanyahu and Begin
Ironically, it was Binyamin Netanyahu – widely believed to be Israel’s next Prime Minister – who, in his previous term as Prime Minister, signed the Hevron Agreement in 1997 giving most of the city to the Palestinian Authority. Then-Minister Benny Begin resigned in protest of the agreement.