Monday, May 17, 2010

The Latest Hate Rally

Erev Hag HaShavu'oth 5770

Last Saturday the latest hate rally took place in Jerusalem,... beginning on Shabbath, of course.

The theme was “Zionists are not Settlers.”

Zionists are not settlers?

If Zionists are people who believe that the land of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish People, then Settlers seems like some of the best examples of Zionists. Am I wrong?

Of course, when you start revising definitions, not to mention historical facts, you can come up with any statement you like, I suppose.

These people are getting desperate.

The truth is that they probably would the slogan from years ago: “A Settler is not my Brother.”

However, this expression never really took off outside of Tel-Aviv, so they had to settle [no pun intended] for a rip off of Neturei Karta's “Jews are not Zionists,” thus their version “Zionists are not Settlers.”

They are worried about their so called rights, the right to sell pork, the right to have an abortion, the right to have a gay parade, the right to drive around in cars on Shabbath, the right to “marry” Ukrainian and Phillipino goyim, etc.

Well, I suppose you can't blame them. With over one half of next year's third grade children expected to be religious, even more in Jerusalem, those “rights” are feared to be on death row.

They are just pawns of the Erev Rav “powers that be,” who want to see the Torah and Israel's borders wiped out.

These people have been successfully indoctrinated into secular, Israeli society and really have no clue as to what it really means to be Jewish.

Do you think I'm being divisive?

Hey, I didn't start it. Remember when Shimon Peres lost to Binyamin Netanyahu in the 1996 General Elections? He clearly stated that “Jews” and “Israelis” are distinct in infamous "The Israelis lost; the Jews won" post-election interview.

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Chana @ Lemon Lime Moon said...

Sad. Sometimes there just are not words for some things.

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