Monday, May 24, 2010

Urgent Appeal: Pidyon Shevuyim - Free Jewish Prisoner Yosef Hai Tubal

12 of the Third Month 5770

From Yekuti'el Ben-Ya'akov:


I am making the journey to Jerusalem today, primarily to try and keep a good Jew out of prison.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Yosef Hai Tubal is due to appear before the prison authorities for a hearing in which he will most likely be sent back to prison for an additional two years of prison if he can not raise the 6,000 dollar fine that was imposed upon him, for his retaliatory nationalist crimes against Arabs (who were harrassing Jewish girls in Jerusalem) that he allegedly committed when he was a minor 6 years ago. He already sat in prison four years and was released after serving two thirds of his prison term. Yosef is now 23 years old, was recently married and is a father of a beautiful baby girl. Sending him back to prison at this time would destroy his family and his efforts to rebuild a normal life ofr himself and his family.

Anyone who would like to contribute to Yosef's defense, so that he can finally rebuild his life as a free man in Israel, is urged to make immediate contact with me to see how funds can be made immediately available, so that he can appear before the hearing with the necessary funds TOMORROW to prevent his imprisonment. Rabbi Ya'aqov Yosef and other resepected Rabbis have signed on an urgent letter appealing to the public to help in this mitzva.

6,000 dollars can buy two years of freedom for Yosef who lacks the resources to pay the fine.

I am in Jerusalem today and together with Yosef, we will come to any and all who have the ability to help - I will also facilitate anyone who wishes to contribute or to loan him the funds from afar.


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