Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Local Rag

12 of the Eighth Month 5771

A local rag... Every city has one. Being in Jerusalem, I suppose makes my local rag the Jerusalem Post, the supposedly “right of center,” English daily.

We have a subscription at work, mainly for my boss. When I see him arrive in the morning, I try to hand it to him, but he usually refuses. Only when his secretary arrives first does the paper make its way up to the upper floors where it finds a dark corner to collect dust until the custodian comes by to deliver it to the recycling bin. I don't why we don't just cancel the subscription. Do we maintain it for appearance's sake, perhaps?

In any event, this means that I more or less have my own personal subscription to the Jerusalem Post, which I can read when I arrive to work early or on a break. Yet, every time I pick it up, it's the same ol' “religious-bashing, Netanyahu-loving, Israel is just an extension of Europe and the U. S.” Jerusalem Post.

It exists only to perpetuate the lie of “fair and balanced,” mainstream Israeli news coverage. Those of you who know me, will also understand what having a “Christian Edition” of an Israeli newspaper does to my already low opinion of it. (It lowers it even further.) Thus, I see no reason to bother with the Jerusalem Post.

I suppose that when I finally get Internet at home again, I will find a way to subscribe to Sarah Honig's column, probably the only redeeming quality of the aptly nicknamed J-Post. ( in Jay-walking. Any relation to J-Street?)

I much prefer the leftist YNET News on-line. At least they don't make any bones about where they're coming from. Plus, if I read YNET's report on something which happened in Yehudah & Shomron, for example, I will be properly informed, because I will know that the exact opposite of the report is what really happened.

Sometimes, I read Arutz 7/Israel National News,...when I'm bored. But, with blogs, Facebook notes, and e-mail lists, I already know what I need to know about the goings on in Jerusalem, Yehudah & Shomron, or in the K'nesseth, thus making Arutz 7/Israel National News, and its “Judeo-Christian Values,” for the most part, irrelevant. Although, I suppose that when I have the time and Internet access, I really should give the Hebrew version a fair chance. I hear that it still tries to hold true to Rebbetzin Melamed's original vision, founded on the principle that the pre-existing Israeli radio stations were insufficient for the Religious [Zionist] community.

But, I digress....

Here are some of last week's J-Post headlines, illustrating why I no longer bother with it....

Two-State Solution Is Over, Fatah Official Says

Really? Hurray! The Arabs save us, yet again! Wait a minute. Isn't this like the um-teenth time they have said this? But, why doesn't the Jerusalem Post mention this obvious fact?? Could it be that the J-Post doesn't want to upset anyone?

The Arabs have been playing this same, silly, childish game for years now. And the truth is, they don't really want a state. The minute they get their state, they will no longer be able to moan and groan (as much) about how everything is Israel's fault.

They will start being held accountable (a little bit) for their financial funny business, among other things. With the focus (somewhat) off of Israel, it will not be as easy for the Arabs to hide their various human rights violations and discriminatory practices toward women and minority groups. Did you know that Jews are still banned from entering Saudi Arabia? Did you know that in (Democratic?) Iraq, Jews, unlike other ethnic groups, are being denied petitions to reclaim property absconded stolen by Sadam Hussein ysh"w?

I wouldn't worry about the Arabs, though. They will find some new, sneaky way to attack Jews. They might even steal the idea from the European Union [EU]....

The next headline...

Israel Dubs EU Call To Guarantee Equality "Kicking At An Open Door"

"...EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton' spokeswoman [said] on Tuesday that Europe expected Israel to guarantee equal rights for all its citizens, 'whether they are Jewish or not.'"

The EU has nothing to worry about. We Jews will bend over backwards and slobber all over the goyim for validation and self-esteem. Rights of the children of foreign workers will be uplifted to a level of sanctity never before seen in any other country. The Black Fake Hebrews, Bedouin, and to an extent, the Druze, have been granted defacto autonomy, unprecedented in any other country in the world. Whereas we have already seen the human rights of soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] trodden on in favor of the Arab terrorists they are meant to search out.

The EU official is, of course, referring to the Loyalty Oath Law, requiring Israeli citizens to sign a loyalty declaration, which includes a statement of support for "Israel as a Jewish State."

EU officials will also be pleased when they see how the so-called Loyalty Law is used against those "settlers" and other Jews, including IDF soldiers, unwilling to follow an Israeli law when it is in violation of the Torah. This is the prediction I made this so-called loyalty oath.

Also from last week...

Baroness de Rothschild launched the Rothschild Ambassadors Program

...which "will train 100 young people to be the country's leaders of the future."

Great. Just what we need, the Rothschilds mixing in, to indoctrinate new “leaders,” and then put them into power, sneakily making us believe that we actually voted for them. (eyes rolling)

See what I mean? It's just the same ol' “Israel is a Western nation, which needs to maintain its roll as a member of the 'International Community' in good standing” crap.

Why, I could just read any number of American newspapers for that.

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