Thursday, October 07, 2010

Israel Must Say "Yes" To Torah, Sooner Or Later

30 of the Seventh Month 5771

Israel must say “no” to the peace process, sooner or later.

Ted Belman, October 7, 2010

Israel must say “no” to extending the freeze formally or de facto.

Israel must also say “no” to the peace process sooner or later. Even if Israel continued to build and the PA was prepared to return to the peace process, Israel should refuse to negotiate unless of course she is prepared to swallow the deal the international community has in store for her. (Read more...)

Sounds good, right? Makes sense, right? You had better read his entire post. Then you will know why I responded with the following:

Yet, again another post from Ted Belman about Israel and the Jewish People without mentioning, the ONLY thing that matters for dictating what we Jews do.

A nod to Christians regarding their support for our "Biblical Heartland" doesn't count.

Furthermore, concerns and opinions of Christians, Democrats, Republicans, Americans....including Jews with goyshe ideas, are irrelevant.

Even more so, Palin, however much a "friend" of Israel you think Palin, you should know that she is associated with the Christian Dominionists, and should be trusted less than your other co-called Christian Zionist "friends," who should not be trusted at all.

We must separate from Esau (Rome/West/Christians) and the associated goyshe influence as much as we must separate from Yishma'el (Arabs/Muslims).

Read the fine print of your proposed amendment. Those of us who favor Torah over anything the State produces and expects which is contrary to Torah, will be targets of the law as much as, if not more than, the Arabs.

But, what do you care, Ted? long as you have Sarah Palin as a friend.

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