Sunday, July 03, 2011

Live Blogging: Demonstration For Nahla'oth Families

Rosh Hodesh of the Fourth Month 5771

I am here at 4:55 PM, live blogging from the demonstration taking place in the Nahla'oth neighborhood of Jerusalem.

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As events occur, I will hit the publish button to update you!

The press has arrived. The Ariel girls are here chanting, and representatives from Nahla'oth's diverse community are here, Religious Zionist, modern orthodox, traditional, secular, and haredi.

Nahla'oth musicians Maury Epstein (guitar) and Nadav Serling (percussion) are playing.

Nahla'oth rabbi, Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz is organizing participants, and getting ready to speak. It's still not too late to come out and show your support!!

It's now 5:15 PM. Some of the signs posted and carried read...

Struggling for the sake of:
Better education,
Friendlier sidewalks,
More secure playgrounds,
Children's cultural activities
at a reasonable price.

I want to grow up in Na

Why aren't there any group activities in Na

Tables with children's activities, such as crafts, have been set up by the initiative of the girls from the Ariel youth group. Food and drink tables have also been set up. A little boy just came up to me, offering bags of popcorn at 2 sheqqels a piece.

A juggler is now roaming around. The atmosphere has a very positive feel to it, one worthy of Rosh Hodesh. It does not at all have the feel of anger, as one might expect at a demonstration.

That's Nahla'oth for you!

That's Even though I know how frustrating it must be to have a neighborhood youth group, evicted from its meeting facility, and now homeless.

It's now 5:45 PM...

Local singer Aharon Razel has joined Maury and Nadav in creating the light, yet upbeat atmosphere of the gathering.

One of the madrikhoth (teen youth group counselors) from Ariel explained to me the current situation of their group. The girls are meeting in Sakker Park, and in any number of other, public venues. For some reason, the neighborhood matna"s (culture, youth, & sport community center) will not provide them with a space, even though Ariel has the ability to contribute to the City of Jerusalem youth group budget.

This seems rather odd to me.

As has been reported previously, the former Ariel meeting facility was turned over to something called Tel Aviv High, leaving the Ariel girls group from Nahla'oth without a meeting place.

Well, as my battery begins to get too low for comfort, I must leave this report here, and incomplete. I will try to keep you updated how the situation here in Nahla'oth progresses.

A niggun (tune) from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach z"l plays in the background....

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