Friday, July 01, 2011

Demonstration On Behalf Of The Families Of Nahla'oth

29 of the Third Month 5771

From Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz...
Recently the Minhal Kehilati (community administration) rented out the fried center, which was the Ariel* girls snif (branch), and a preschool for our kids. They rented it to a private for profit school called, get this, Tel Aviv High. Our kids are displaced. There are no programs for families in the local community centers unless we create them. Our largest communities pray in bomb shelters, packed small shuls, and parks. Our few playgrounds are to small for the local children. Our streets are covered in trash and dog droppings. Take a look at the activities in Matnasim (culture, youth, & sport community centers) in other family friendly hoods, and it becomes clear where we are in the priorities of the city and the Matnas. Come join us for a virtual matnas, showing what it should look like. It is very important that we get a big turnout, the press have been informed, your participation will make all the difference.

The demonstration is scheduled for Sunday, Rosh Hodesh Tammuz (July 3, 2011), 4:00 - 6:30 PM, on Shirzili Street.

Nahla'oth is one of the oldest Jerusalem neighborhoods to be built outside of the Old City. Its truly Middle Eastern feel of stone archways and paths winding through buildings of various ages can be found on the south side of Aggrippas Street from Shuq Mahaneh Yehudah. Shirzili Street can be found by entering Nahla'oth on Shomron Street across from the Klal Building. Then make the first right.

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*Ariel is a Religious Zionist youth group. Youth groups, such as Ariel, B'nei Aqiva, Ezra, and Tzofim (Scouts) are much more of an integral part of elementary and junior high school education in Israel, than they are in the U. S. Many Israeli schools dismiss their students early one day per week (Tuesday), for the sake of youth group participation. Youth groups also meet regularly on Shabbath.

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