Monday, January 09, 2012

Haredi Backlash From The Nachla'ot Abuse Cases?

15 of the Tenth Month 5772

No doubt, you have already heard about the in the Nachla'ot neighborhood in Jerusalem. If you want to learn more about it, you can read this post by A Mother In Israel.

In the meantime, I will focus on one of the implications, I have yet to see in the news.

What kind of backlash and sinath hinam (baseless hatred) will the Haredi community at large have to endure as a result of this mess?

If anyone had not noticed, the Israeli government is no friend of Torah oriented communities, unless, of course, there are gains in K'nesseth seats involved. Even Shimon Peres knows the right time to put on (and take off) a kippah.

While countless children suffer from the trauma of past events, I can only imagine certain government officials licking their lips at the opportunity presented to them to demonize Haredi across the board.

Enter the Erev Rav controlled government's front line soldiers, the social workers, specially trained to see illness in strict Torah observance, and mental instability in disloyalty to the State.

(*There are many good and decent social workers in Israel. I am speaking here in general terms.)

We have already had a taste of these social workers actions in neighborhoods, but mostly in Jewish communities within Yehudah, Shomron, & previously in Azza (Judea, Samaria, & Gaza).

Threats of removal from the home due to parent and sibling involvement in anti-government protests and (mostly) women leaving the Torah world and divorcing after receiving "counseling," are only two examples of their handiwork.

The government does not see any difference between trying to prevent an unnecessary autopsy or trying to prevent the relinquishing of Jewish lands.

News reports and editorials of how "sick" the insulation of Haredi communities is, and the need to break it down forcibly will appear, if they haven't already.

Soon after that, expect the Israeli controlled press, as well as the Christian-loving/Haredi & hard-core settler bashing, Jerusalem Post to talk about how primitive Haredim are

Attempts will be made to increase fear of
Haredim among the modern orthodox and traditional Jews, as was done during the last Jerusalem mayoral elections. "Do you really want Jerusalem to become a Haredi city??" Praise will also be doled out to those whose approach to Torah observance is deemed by the government to be "normal."

I am definitely against the strict insulation of some communities. I believe that it is better to prepare our children for the reality of the outside world, and how to defend themselves from all of the anti-Jewish crap out there pushed on us as Jewish.

Nonetheless, I would also not welcome any intervention from the Israeli government, whose motivations are based on an anti-Torah agenda. Jews who fear HaShem more than the government and its minyons, and who hold to the Torah over any man-made laws are considered to be dangerous and uncontrollable by the likes of Shimon Peres (with or without a kippah) and his gang of snooty "we know better than you" maskilim (self-righteous, anti-religious intellectuals).

Imagine that. Haredim, as well as quite a few Torah Zionist Jews, are considered to be dangerous? Something to think about, but not too much. It might too late!

May The Holy One, Blessed Be He, heal all those children who have been abused, attacked, neglected, and otherwise hurt. May He bring helpful people into their lives, and keep away the bad ones.

May they also receive the support they need to meet the spiritual challenges they will one day, undoubtedly face.

May we all wake up, and learn, from this horrendous experience in


the rabbi's wife said...

I can't believe you're using something as horrific as the abuse of 100 or more children to shill your political beliefs. Please be more sensitive.

Esser Agaroth said...

First of all, thank you for taking the time to write.

Political beliefs? I do not happen to believe in politics, and only use the term because unfortunately, that's what people understand.

But, no, I am not "shilling" my political beliefs. I am warning frum Jews that even radical changes may need to be made within certain communities in order to protect children, and to educate teens and adults, they should learn from history and be wary of any intervention by the anti-Torah, Israeli government, which would be more than happy to attempt to throw the baby out with the bath water.

I am putting it out there in order to prepare our communities for an onslaught which may also cause great harm to our children.

Don't worry, though. I have predicted things before, and have been, but not too many people seem to want to listen.

Sensitivity is very important. But, waking up from denial is just as important, and I believe that it is high time that we do so.

You identify yourself as living in an "ultra-orthodox" community. Thus, you, too, should be concern of any government interventions in your community.

Hadassa DeYoung said...

Shortly before the expulsion from Gush Katif the government removed the children from a "settler family", not from Gush Katif, and placed them with a foster family. I do not remember the details, but the message was clear: troublemakers, beware.
Unfortunately the issues brought forth in this blog are not theoretical.

David Tzohar said...

" The Erev Rav controlled government"
What do you mean by the "erev Rav" epithet? Bibi is EREV Rav and you on the other hand are a ben Avraham Yitzchak and Ya'akov? As I commented on your posts in the past you could use a good dose of ahavat Yisrael as against the sin'at chinam that appears sometimes in your blog.

Devorah Chayah said...

All I've seen so far is some hysterical rainting about what allegedly happened, and I have to say it strains credibility. Does anyone know how it was discovered in the first place? I mean if the children were terrorized into silence and no actual physical evidence has been uncovered (films, photos, etc) then how did it come out? And has it actually been shown that 100 or more children were attacked? What are the FACTS please?

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Consider visiting my blog:

The unfortunate truth to this is that while there is no shortage of chilonim eager to attack Torah and Judaism in Israel, there is also no shortage of chareidim ready and willing to make it as easy as possible for them to do so!

Caren May said...

Time to train Charedei social workers, substance abuse counselors and more and stop depending on those you fear.

Hadassa DeYoung said...

The police and the Knesset are involved, and much testimony has been given and read, so I would call the situation much more than "hysterical ranting".:
And yes, do read the post by "A Mother in Israel" linked in the blog, and the links that she gives. There's simply too much information not to take the matter seriously.
Try to find a friend of a friend who lives in Nachlaot to tell you more. I have a friend in Nachlaot whose son was saved from abuse only because she was extremely careful.
Also please remember that the hareidim are very protective of their communities. The hareidi residents of Nachlaot would not have come public with this incident unless their children were in serious danger.

Esser Agaroth said...

David, Thank you for writing...

" The Erev Rav controlled government"
What do you mean by the "erev Rav" epithet? Bibi is EREV Rav and you on the other hand are a ben Avraham Yitzchak and Ya'akov? As I commented on your posts in the past you could use a good dose of ahavat Yisrael as against the sin'at chinam that appears sometimes in your blog.

“Sin’ath hinam?” That’s a pretty serious accusation. Would you mind providing some examples? Halakhic examples, that is, not examples of simply when you “felt” I was saying something out of sin’ath hinam. I never said anything about the PM. I said Erev rav controlled. That means that whoever is in control of the government is Erev rav. Do you think that the PM is actually in control of the government? But, of course, that’s the point. If I have ever written anything out of so-called “sin’ah,” has been out of sin’ah b’kawannah (hatred with a basis).

An example of sin’ath hinam would be when the Beth HaDin of Rav Shapira ztz”l and Rav Mordechai Eliyahu ztz”l (& R’ Dov Lior, R’ Ya’aqov Yosef, et al.), accepted gedolim in the religious Zionist communities, authorized the posting of announcements of its ruling against Shlomo Aviner, that he not rule on niddah, kethamim, nor mar’oth. Yet, those putting up posters in Beth El, at the instruction of the Beth Din were chased and threatened with violence. That is sin’ath hinam, acting on ones feelings, and going against the ruling of dayanim.

“Ahavath Yisr’ael?” Ahavath Yisra’el applies to those who are Yisra’el. Please review the lists provided by the Ramba”m in his Hil. Avodah Zarah and Hil. Teshuvah as to who is considered אין כישראל כלל כלל.

As far as the status of tinoq she’nishba goes, one may not stand idly by when these ignorant individuals do great damage to Yisra’el. Then need to be educated, not ignored. I do not have to tell you that there are a variety of approaches to the implementation of that education.

Please review what you believe was sin’ah on this blog. Was it hatred of individuals? Or hatred of their actions?

One last point regarding Erev rav. I believe that this status is not exclusive to one particular community of Jews. I will have to review the material on this, but I believe that this is in line with Rav A. Y. Kook’s teachings on the matter.

Let me provide you with one example. Two aspects of the types of Erev rav include forsaking of the land and the joining together of Yisma’el and Esau. So, when Shimon Peres supports the giving up of parts of Eretz Yisrael, while also desiring to enlist Germany and Jordan to invests in his “Valley of Peace” plan (further diminishing our borders and control over the Land), … Well, you can do the math yourself.

Esser Agaroth said...

Mighty Garnel, Thank you for visiting. In the future, please "plug" your blog by posting a link to a piece of yours related to the topic at hand, for the sake of time and space saving.

ALL communities have what to work on and improve.

Esser Agaroth said...

Caren, Thank you for stopping by as well. I agree with you. It's time for all communities to take responsibility for various service roles, if they want more autonomy. Having ones cake and eating it, too, is a tricky business.

That being said, I do believe there is a reason (or two) for frum Jews to "fear" the government. It's not clear as to whether you agree with that or not.

Hopefully, the damage/fear/pain will not get to be too much before appropriate actions are taken.

ruth cohen said...

i live on shirizly street, outside my door is where the gangs operate, kidnapping the little ones on their way from school home,and they pass my street to get to their areas near by. or they did. not anymore.
but the men are still here. why not only a few half wits have been arrested and the heads of the mafia are walking around free.
the mastermind of one group is walking around with a shirt on with his name skippy in big letters laughing in our faces

backlash. well lets see . would nearly being lynched a group of angry haradim count?? and why oh you need to know who i am and why they are angry at me

5 years ago skippy came to me and told me that my garden is so beautiful, would i help him with a small community garden to moshe montifore. this september i found out what the real reason for the garden was. his communication centre to find kids. the garden was destroyed 2 days later. plants given away. all his belongings in the trash - remove the wicked man means remove him.

so now i am in this war to the end, uncovering new perverts every day. and then on succot after coming home from kotel, i was nearly lynched by these men who want to keep it quiet stupid.

the haradim are actually very very happy with my pretty garden is now the bulletin board for them, newspaper clippings,posters,keep them up to date and all the time people are reading what is written. when i put the picture of mondrowitz up, the next day our politician orlev came by with his media pals.

they are all going to go down, and not because of the totally corrupt useless israeli legal system. because of me and others like me who are totally fed up and doing something. my neighbour is a very well known writer jewishmom on her blog and has been courageously writing about it. there is a woman from the haradim who is working tirelessly to help. she and i have been threatend with our lives, but we are both not stopping ever.

spread the message,guard your children. do not invite all the miserable ones to shabbat. they eat your food and then your children. stop living in denial. save the children. save the children. put all your useless idiotic ideas aside, they dont work in case you are not paying attention. the rapes are continuing to this second.
save the children. think different. do something. now.

ruth cohen said...

there is mountains of proof. look at ysrael hayom newspaper in hebrew, translated to english by mother in israel too.13 january,firday 2012. details of horrific abuse. rape of babies. it is all true.there are piles of movies that the judge is sitting on. the chidren are not lying, the police are, the judges are.
i know some of the children myself.

finish this denial and never reapeat this damn lie. the childrens bodies are the evidence. bite marks,diseases,injuries, rape,weird behaviour. get real and stop pretending. it is on the back of the baby that you are lying.

just a little example huge dogs were brought in and the kids told if you tell your parents you will be eaten by the dog - guns,knifes.

i personally went to pervert and spoke to him in his home and he said he had a gun and was going to kill the parents and the police refuse to take the statemen though i am the only adult who heard it. the kids evidence was of course rejected by the rotten judge.

there is tons of evidence but if you refuse to see, then you are a wicked heartless fool. worse you are aiding and abetting more rapes and how can you be sure it wont happen to your own grandkids if you dont want to have mercy on these.

i am not haradi but there are all my children.i am their voice. what about you readers??? what is your legacy. silence, oh that is how we got the holocaust.

my legacy is that i turned this city upside down to save the children .

Esser Agaroth said...

Ruth, Thank you for writing. I have applauded your efforts, and complimented you face to face (@Ezra & Malka Chana's).

I would proudly defend you from any lynching, not that you would probably need any help defending yourself, but I would offer my help anyway. ;-)

I still have to see your posters in daylight. As you said, they are hard to see at night.

You will find no denial here at Esser Agaroth!

There are most definitely problems in Haredi communities, as there are problems in every community, albeit different problems.

My message is this:

Invention is needed. However, any intervention from government agencies should be treated with suspicion. The Erev Rav controlled gov't has an anti-Torah/pro-Western-assimilation agenda. There is unfortunately much denial about this!

Even the religious social workers are few and far between and powerless to change gov't policy.

ruth cohen said...

i put up a new poster the most outrageous up to now. to see is to believe. i found outside the shul of chabad a hand made poster of 4 religious people walking and carrying things. a fther,mother and a rabbi carrying the torah and lastely saba carrying the baby.but i saw something else now it says angel news - hebrew me ha pe shel hamalachim, my paper day of judgement - the mother and father have red flames on top of their heads, the rabbi has a skull with a crown, and the man with the baby is mondrowitz,zalman cohen.both convicted. so i can name t he religious world twist the torah to mean things 'that are not meant like remove the wicked man becomes reinvent him . no way hose. remove means remove not something else. dont mess with wicked nd allow them into your mikvas and you know what they do there. the mikvas
should be burnt down.
lets talk truth for awhile. and not trust the man made system designed to destroy the holy torah .shabbat shalom

Ron said...

I am getting very skeptical about this.

There are tons of films? This is the first Ive read of it.

I see a lot of accusations, and very little meat. Mrs. Cohen says a newspaper article is proof. Excuse me, but a newspaper article proves exactly nothing. We have testimony of a 100 children, and then most of it is thrown out. What am I supposed to think of that?

Furthermore, she is speaking in a way that sends red flags up. You are turning over the city? A crusader for the children? I cannot trust someone who has that kind of ego trip running.

On the other hand we do have a dead body, a man has been killed over this, and I am beginning to wonder if maybe this was an innocent man.

the rabbi's wife said...

PLease, please, do not confuse the rantings of one individual with the response of an entire community. While there is some evidence and MUCH testimony (that was mostly disallowed) there is no country-wide conspiracy as some are trying to say. There IS a LOT of mis-information floating around from well-meaning but perhaps not well-informed individuals.
In the end, children were sexually abused by certain men in the neighborhood. Of this, there is proof, and convictions to back that up. The investigation into other individuals is ongoing (according to Jerusalem police) and because of the convoluted legal system here in Israel there may never be convictions of some deserving individuals.
I really wish that certain folks would just back off of their commenting so as to not reduce the credibility of those truly involved.

Esser Agaroth said...

Ruth, I received your message.

You (and everyone else) may e-mail at

For the record, I believe that you ARE concerned about the children in your neighborhood, and all around, and that you are working to that end.

I hope that everyone can accept that, regardless of what people think happened, what they think did not happen, who did what, or what they think of your approach.

I am sure that I would approach this differently, but only because you and I are different people, NOT because your approach is correct or not correct.