Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jews! It's Time To Snap Out Of It, And Become Jewish Again!

6 of the Eleventh Month 5772

The following is the response I wrote to the photo of scantily clad women carrying weapons over their shoulders, going around on Facebook. It carried the caption...

"ISRAEL, where an M4 is a fashion accessory."

This response is a criticism of the Israeli government, Israeli Defense Forces' [IDF] leadership, and and the IDF Rabbinate, and not of the fine men and women who defend our People and our Land
(when allowed to do so), and who do not destroy Jewish property and throw Jews out of their homes in our God-given Homeland.

...Why are these women indecent ? They aren't covered up enough for you ?

Response: They most certainly are not covered up enough al pi halakha (according to Jewish Law). But, that's not the point.

The point is that promiscuity in the [Israeli Defense Forces] IDF skyrocketed after women were admitted into mixed units, including combat units.

The point is that when this was implemented, the IDF Chief Rabbinate at the time was silent.

The point is that the Erev Rav controlled government uses sex to water down the already watered down Jewish nature of the army, and to entice young men to throw off their kippoth, so that they can "do what they want," instead of what God wants, and assimilate into the anti-Torah, pro-Western assimilationist, Israeli secular, Erev Rav society, and be much more easily controlled pawns.

Follow-Up Response:
There is nothing wrong with a woman carrying a gun. On the contrary, all women in Israel probably should carry a weapon, or at least learn how to turn household items into weapons. Often when a man has his gun license taken away by the guv'mint, the wife having a license means that the family may still have a weapon in the house.

The issue is whether they should dress like whores or not. No, they should not. The question is whether there should be mixed units, mixed tents even. No! There should not be. And for those who keep carrying on about "saving a life," the prevention of gilu'i arawoth (forbidden sexual relations) takes precedence over saving a life.

Furthermore, serving in the army is also about fulfilling the additional misswah of protecting our borders. However, there are other ways of fulfilling this misswah besides being in the IDF. Torah/halakha governs ALL aspects of our lives, including how to run an army, how to fight a war, and how men and women are to relate to one another. This "I'll do want I want" attitude is not a Jewish one, but rather a Western/non-Jewish one.

Because the IDF adheres more to Western/non-Jewish values than to Torah ones, it calls its "Jewishness" into question. It doesn't matter how many Jews serve in it. It is controlled by those with an anti-Jewish agenda.

The issue is also whether rabbis should remain puppets of the guv'mint, much like the "Rabbanim miTa'am" of Czarist Russia. I say that no, they should not.

Jews must finally snap out of it, and wake up to the fact that everyday the numbers of contradictions between the Torah and Israeli Law increase.

Which will you follow?

You must finally decide, because more and more you simply cannot have your cake and eat it, too.


Alan said...

Beit Shlishi is here, and its name is IDF. And I support that.

What the IDF decides - is Jewish Law. And I support that.

Whoever doesn't like it, can move to 770 Eastern Parkway, in Brooklyn.

Esser Agaroth said...


1. No. Batyith HaShelishi is not hear. Please see the Ramba"m's Hil. Beth Behirah and Hil. Milakhim uMilhamotheihem.

2. You obviously know nothing of halakhah (Jewish Law), and/or are a mamlakhti (undying State-loyalist) who simply distort it to your own ends. Or perhaps, you're just new to the Torah world, and are attempting to show proper respect to rabbis, in which case, I can't blame you.

The following rabbis disagree with your premise:

Rabbi Avraham Shapira ztz"l, previous Rosh Yeshiva at Merkaz HaRav Kook
Rabbi Ya'aqov Yosef (son of r' Ovadiah)
Rabbi Eliakim Levanon, Elon Moreh
Rabbi Dov Lior, Qiryath Arba-Hevron
Rabbi Z. Melamed, Bet El

Even Rav Tzvi Tau, considered probably the biggest Hakham amongst the mamlakhtim might even take issue with your premise.

3. All Jews must move to Israel, now. 770 E. Prkwy is just another house in Galuth (diaspora).

Esser Agaroth said...

Alan, when you provide more identifying information, then I will consider publishing your comment.

The only justification for Jews to possess and inhabit the Land is that the Almighty fave it us, as documented by His Torah.

Not conquest, not who was their first, not permission from the U. N., or any individual nation.

God alone gave it to us, took it away, and gave it back to us.

Jewish soldiers, including the IDF, have been a big part of fulfilling His will. But, we must not forget the ultimate source of our victories.

Esser Agaroth said...

Alan, Now I know I'm not going to publish your comments, above and beyond not identifying yourself.

Some of the groups you mentioned are problematic.

Irregardless of having a Jewish, some individuals cannot even be counted in a minyan. Let them be treated for their insanity before we encourage them to come hear.

Those ovdei avodah zarah (practitioners of foreign worship) who mentioned who are serving in the IDF have no right to be in the Land AT ALL.

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