Monday, August 25, 2014

Even with Islamic Threats, European Jews still don't Seem to Get It

ל׳ לחודש החמישי תשע״ד

Although many French Jews seem to have been opening up their eyes, Thank God, packing their bags, and getting on the plane to Israel, many other European Jewish communities still do not seem to get it, in spite of the continually growing Islamic threat.
YWN: Parts Of Europe Are Already Ripe For Islamic State Attack Says EJC President
(Monday, August 25th, 2014)

European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor has said that the last few weeks have demonstrated that parts of Europe are unfortunately already ripe for a terrorist attack by the Islamic State.

“Over the last few weeks we have witnessed tens of thousands of radical Islamists on the streets of Europe calling for Jihad, the slaughter of Jews and the imposition of Sharia law,” Dr. Kantor said. “The fact that specifically Jewish targets have been attacked in growing numbers demonstrates that the perpetrators are seeking to ignite a religious war on the continent and in some cases the authorities have been slow to act, further emboldening the extremists.”

“The level of violence and rhetoric has only increased and it is clear that terrorist groups like Islamic State, whose flag has been waved openly across Europe, are watching the impunity of these violent demonstrations and taking note.”

Since the beginning of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, tens of demonstrations have taken place across Europe, some have openly attacked Jews and Jewish institutions and chants like “Jews, the Army of Mohammed is coming for you”, “Hitler was right” and “Hamas, Jews go to the gas” have been heard.

“In May, a terrorist with ties to the Islamic State who trained in Syria killed four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels. Unless European leaders prevent the import of fanatic terrorists into Europe and act strongly against extremist preachers, incitement to religious hatred and sleeper cells, this could be the first of many attacks,” Dr. Kantor said. “It is vital that European governments take a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against anyone who is inciting to violence or assisting in the perpetration of violence.”

“However, first and foremost, authorities have to take measures to reassure the Jewish community that it will be protected against the largest and most violent wave of anti-Semitism in Europe since the end of the Holocaust. Nevertheless, as we have seen in Iraq and Syria, Islamic State targets Christians, other Muslims and anyone that doesn’t follow its brand of regressive fanatical Islam.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

(Tip: Destination Green Hill)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I cannot say whether this article pains me more, or angers me more.

Probably both.

"Who wouldn't be pained and angered by what has been escalating in Europe against the Jews,...again?!"

Perhaps, but to me, the rise of Islam within Europe has been in the making, ever since the Muslims were turned back at the gates of Vienna in 1683, and incidentally, on September 11. Instead of attacking to infiltrate Vienna and beyond, the have been "immigrating."

The Muslims have simply been doing what Muslims (Ishmaelites) do: lie, steal, rape, pillage, and conquer. So, no surprises here.

The European governments' strategy of placating the Muslims within their borders has not only been failing, but has been failing to reveal any surprises. The leaders of the European nations have been doing what the leaders of European nations have been doing throughout contemporary European history: attempting to placate the Muslims, and forcing Israel to do the same.

As Destination Green Hill pointed out to me, Europe is getting punished middah k'neged middah (measure for measure). Let the Holocaust of Jews happen, even participate in it, perhaps even cheer it on, and you get the same back in return.

What pains and angers me is the continued no response response of the European Jewish leadership.

What pains and angers me is the continued refusal to recognize that Europe is not home to the Jewish People; it is the Golah, the Exile, and it is a punishment to be there.

What pains and angers me is that along with others writing similar material will be called names such as "alarmists," "inciters," and "Apocalyptic nuts." My ego is not that big that I concern myself with such silliness. Rather,  I am concerned that Jews in Europe, particularly their "leaders," can be so thick headed that they refuse to see the writing on the wall, that moving to Israel is not even to be considered an option.

What pains and angers me is that picking up, and moving to Israel will be considered "giving up," "quitting," and "running away," instead of running to the place we are supposed to be, and always have been, Israel.

The gates have been opened, yet not only do they refuse to run to the opened gates with joy, they refuse to see that the gates have been opened; they refuse even to look.

This has all happened been before.  

Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo
Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo Teichtal ztz"l, from the Hungarian community attempted to warn the Jews about what was going on around them in Europe, encouraged aliyah (immigration to Israel), and attempted to allay the frum communities' fears regarding the anti-Torah influences to faced in the Land of Israel.

The Hungarian Jewish communities, such as Satmar, were particularly vehement in their stance against the Zionist movement. Not only did they firmly believe that since The Almighty took us out of Israel, and put us into exile, only The Almighty could take us out of the Exile, and bring us back to Israel,...directly.

But this was not their only issue with the Zionist movement. They were against Zionism also due to the profoundly anti-Torah elements often associated with it, such as haskalah, secular-humanism, communism, and last but not least, Labor Zionism.

Could you blame them?

We all know what happened next, after Jews did not heed his warnings, nor examine his Torah reasoning for moving to Israel, even before the revealing of Mashi'ah.

Let us hope that this does not happen again.

Yet, in Dr. Moshe Kantor's own words,...

"...the largest and most violent wave of anti-Semitism in Europe since the end of the Holocaust."

The solution is not to talk and educate and legislate.

Been there, tried that,...a bazillion times.

The solution is not only to look at the writing on the wall, but to read it, and absorb it.

What are they waiting for? Mashi'ah?

Let's do Mashi'ah a favor, and do some of the ground work on our own, shall we?


Billy said...

Look what is happening in the South. How can you say that Jews are in more danger in Europe than they are in the Land of Israel?

The most dangerous place in the world for a Jew right now is the faithless State of Israel. Israeli's are trying G-d's patience and his mercy. How can you fault us Jews in the galut for not wishing to become cannon fodder for the collapsing secular Zionist state?

Esser Agaroth said...


1. We need YOUR help to change things.

2. This Land is where we put our efforts, investments, and other energies, not Galuth.

3. The control of the Land by the "treif birds" is only temporary (Rabbi Teichtal hy"d). After the collapse, the void will need to be filled.

4. The writing on the wall suggests that things will only get worse, and does not suggest that it will become better again, not anymore.

5. The strategies of Kantor have been tried and tried, again and again. The stubbornness of other brethren in Europe and elsewhere must be broken now, before it is too late.

6. I believe that the beatings, shootings, and threats are serious hints of what is yet to come.

7. How many rockets have launched? How many Jews have been killed, in spite of the failures of Netanyahu and his government?


Billy said...

I agree with a lot of what you say but I still don't see physical safety as a reason to make aaliyah.

In the long run, all Jews will move to Eretz Yisrael simply because their will be no jobs for us in the diaspora.

Esser Agaroth said...


Economy, physical safety, everyone has his own issue close to him which will communicate to him that he must come.

Most Jews, unfortunately, will not listen to me when I talk about spiritual safety. Galuth is too "comfortable," even though is it supposed to be a punishment, not living in our own Land.