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The Silence over Christian Infiltration of King David's Tomb/התקשורת בשקט על כיבוש הנוצרי של קבר דוד המלך

יום כ׳ לחודש השלישי תשע״ו

סיכום בעברית נמצא למטה.

This video shows just a few seconds of what occurred Monday morning outside of King David's Tomb.

However, you never would have know it, if you do not understand Hebrew, and if you did not happen across the only report I found in English at Arutz 7:
Arutz 7: 'Riot police knocked Torah scroll to the ground'
Witnesses claim police assaulted worshipers, knocked down Torah in order to help Christians enter King David's Tomb.

Yedidya Ben-Or, 6/20/2016

Six Jews were detained for questioning on Monday morning, while trying to prevent Christians from entering prayer services at King David's Tomb.

The worshipers claim that police violently hit them. A video released by the legal defense organization Honenu shows a police officer kicking one person to the ground (See video above). (cont.)
There were plenty of reports in Hebrew:
ערוץ 7: קבר דוד נחסם ליהודים
דריכות בקבר דוד עם הוצאת המתפללים היהודים לקראת הגעתם למקום של אנשי כמורה נוצריים לקיום תפילה במקום. (שמעון כהן)

Arutz 7: David's Tomb Blocked to Jews
Tension at King David's Tomb with the removal of praying Jews, ahead of the arrival Christian [Orthodox] clergy set to pray there. (Shimon Cohen)

בכדי למנוע חיכוכים בין פעילים לכמרי עבודה זרה, עשתה המשטרה "תרגיל" לפעילי קבר דוד והטעתה אותם כי טקס נוצרי יתקיים מחר. הבוקר נדהמו המתפללים למצוא את המתחם נעול

HaKol HaYehudi (The Jewish Voice): David's Tomb: The Police Lied to Jewish Worshipers
In order to prevent friction between activists and avodah zarah (foreign worship) priests, police tried to "trick" David's Tomb activists, claiming that the Christian ceremony would take place tomorrow. This morning, Jewish worshipers were shocked to find the compound locked.

אל קבר דוד המלך צפויים להגיע היום מתפללים נוצרים ולקיים טקס תיפלה, למקום צפויים להגיע עשרות מתפללים בליווי רבנים כדי למחות על חילול הציון. (אלי יעקובי) 

B'Haderei Hareidim: This Morning: Protest against Christian worshipers at David's Tomb
Christian worshipers are expected to arrive at King David's Tomb for a Christian ceremony, expected to place dozens of worshipers accompanied by rabbis to protest the desecration of the grave site.
(Eli Ya'aqobi)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
So, why the blatant media silence in English?

Sure, this [supposedly] a Hebrew-speaking country, but news in English always follows Hebrew reports, and vise-versa, when it comes to major events, and events involving physical conflicts in Jerusalem's Old City.

While the "right" focuses on the Arab threat to takeover parts of the Land of Israel, Christians of all streams, including Evangelicals, Christian "volunteers," and false converts who brag on-line about fooling the Rabbinical Courts, and have infiltrated Jewish towns in Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria).

The one news outlet which did report on the Christian infiltration of King David's Tomb, Arutz 7, has taken its Evangelical Christian supporters' tact by differentiating between them and the Catholic and Orthodox streams of avodah zarah.

As if getting rid of visible evidence of avodah zarah, such as pictures and symbology, changes anything. These Christian "Friends of Israel" still have the same false deity/false messianic beliefs as the Vatican, and Greek and Russian Orthodox, and, of course, the same kefirah (Oral Torah denial) literature (See Mishneh Torah, Hil. Teshuvah 3:).

According to the Police...
"...the status quo from 1948 which permits five prayers (and no masses) for the Christian communities in the Last Supper Room, and a short prayer once per year in David's Tomb, which is what occurred today."
As it praying to a false deity in a manner different than a mass, makes it any better. The Tomb has still been desecrated, polluted with avodah zarah filth. Obviously, the rabbinate has ruled that this is acceptable. Or has it? After all, the Rabbinate does not have any real power to contradict the Israeli Government, does it?
Rehavia Pilz, Honenu Legal Aid:
"This is a very traumatic occurrence for Jews who keep mitzvot, and they even fast on account of it. A minor who brought it to the officers' attention was immediately arrested. Aside from this, the officers acted very violently against the worshipers, who were protesting in a legitimate and legal manner. I ask that you treat these incidents seriously."
"I wanted to update you about the serious incident which occurred in the facility," he wrote. "During today's events in one of the halls, a Jewish man held a Torah scroll for prayer (on Mondays Jews read from a Torah scroll during the morning prayers). A Yasam riot police officer pushed him and the Torah scroll fell to the ground.  - Rehavia Pilz, Honenu
Israeli Police spokesman:
"Contrary to what was written in the letter, officers never knocked a Torah scroll to the floor. During the incident five suspects were detained for questioning after they disturbed the peace, attacked and even spit on officers. 
These are the same police from the above video. You be the judge.

I believe that the media brown out in English, is nothing more or less than the Leftist news media silence in Hebrew: A simple downplay of the event.

While the "right" and the "left" battle over the "settlements" in Yehudah and Shomron, Jerusalem's Old City is being sold off, or given away, piece by piece. But, this is just the start to achieving the greater goal of dividing the Jewish Capital, if not give it away entirely, right under our noses. This can be done by making it an "international city."

The police violence, and the associated media silence, are the usual demonization of Torah-observant Jews. Notice the burgeoning unity between Haredim (ultra-Orthodox) and "hilltop youth." This is the biggest threat to Erev Rav-controlled State government.The kippah-wearing, diehard State loyalists, the Mamlakhtim, should not be confused with the protestors at King David's Tomb.

The Mamlakhtim were not there.

סיכום בעברית:
יש יהודים ״ימינים״ שמבדילים בין הנוצרים האלה לנוצרים ההם, אפילו שלווטיקן, לאורתודוקסים, וגם לאוונג׳יליקלים יש אותה הספרות ואותה האמונה באלים ומשיח מזויפים, וקוראים לערוץ החדשות שלהם ערוץ 7.

האלימות על ידי המשטרה נגד המפגינים והשקט של תקשורת החדשות בקשר לאירוע הזה פשוט סימני השיטה הרגילה של המדינה להשאים את יהודים שומרי תורה ומצוות. ראיתם את הסימן של האיחוד המתפתח של החרדים ונוער הגבעות? אני מאמין שהאיחוד הזה מפחיד את ממשלת ישראל יותר מכל דבר אחר. אבל האיחוד הזה יהיה העתיד של עם ישראל.


Neshama said...

The vote that begins the downfall of the EU coincides with this occurrence at Dovid’s Tomb. It should be a blow to the xtian world, that their downfall is on the way. It’s disgraceful how the police and security establishment, follows the Big Brassy IDF leftists in their anti-Jewish behavior. It’s rotten to the core, and MK David Biton is pinpoint in his assessment of the IDF and their progeny.

DS said...

Esser Agoroth, I am with you on this. I was at Kever David last night, Motzaei Shabbat; as powerful as ever. I have a post brewing in my mind, whenever it's ready. I have some ideas what to do. Will keep you posted. If you don't mind I will post this video of the event with the brutality of the animals in uniform. Thank you. You could feel the fear of these reshaim when the shofar was blown.

Esser Agaroth said...


Thanks. Could be. However, you probably have already seen this, but just in case:

A Word About "Brexit" - Beginning of the Endgame

Esser Agaroth said...


Yes. Please keep me posted!

DS said...

Esser Agoroth,

Today I did something major at Kever David. Will write about it when it's complete. B"H success of a plan I had thought of. Working on the post, but also working on the project itself, which should be completed, B"H, in the next two three weeks. Hopefully the post will come before it, but probably not. It's better to keep quiet before you do something. Once it's done, B"H, I will tell all.

Esser Agaroth said...


I very much look forward to hearing about this.

DS said...

Esser Agoroth,

Again a pure Neshama persecuted by the Shabak. I found out his name is Elisha Yered. Anybody knows anything about the Yered family, genealogy? I suspect he could be persecuted for Mashiach ties and proclamations, not just for being Noar Hagvaot. He has that absolutely pure look. His father is also very pure. Anybody knows the full name of the father, and what their name was before becoming Yered? I wonder if he is also a descendant of Melekh David.

DS said...

A discussion about the name yered was initiated on Dov-Bear Bar Leib's blog following my question to him too. Interesting material coming out of the discussion. Its relevance? Hard to know at this point. The real smoking gun would be definite "DESCENT" from the davidic line. For this we need more information.

By the way it seems my project - which was supposed to involve important other people - seems to have been delayed due to the major terror attacks of last week. Put on the back burner,for now... I guess, but not cancelled.

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