Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Leave The Turkeys Behind!

20 of the Eighth Month 5766
Print this out and given to your kids [or spouses] to color so they don't bother you in the kitchen!

Also, please don't forget two things: 1) Make sure to cook your turkey stuffing separately, then stuff it afterwards. This way you won't risk under-cooking parts of your turkey and put your family at risk for food poisoning (God forbid!). 2) To my brothers and sister in the galuth (diasporah), physically and spiritually, please take at least the effort you're taking now, to prepare for Thanksgiving, to prepare for the Rosh HaShannah, Sukkoth, Pesah, and Shavu'oth holidays,...and eventually every Shabbath. 3) If you don't know what one, or any, of the above are, please do not be embarrassed. Make a commitment to yourself to call up your local Orthodox* rabbi and ask. Don't feel connected with him? That's OK. Call another one!

Thanksgiving is nice, and certainly one of the least offensive U. S. holidays,...IMHO. But, don't forget...you're Jewish! You're heritage and traditions, at the very least, deserve more regard, time, and effort than American holidays!

For my brothers and sisters who are not familiar with American holidays,...and slang, feel free to e-mail me for the double-meaning punchline of the caption above.


*The term "Orthodox" is used for clarity. In the U. S. Jewish concepts can be very confusing, especially due to those who distort, or even reject, Torah sheb'al peh (Oral Torah), a crucial segment of our rich tradition, without which, it is impossible to comprehend fully the Torah as a whole. Many of these people refer to themselves as "rabbis," thus it is important to distiguish rabbis, those who observe and teach the Torah, from these other people.

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