Sunday, April 15, 2007

Collaborator Peres: "Into The Sea!"

27 of the First Month 5767

Shimon Peres YSh"W really IS a collaborator with the Yishma'elite (Arab) enemy.

Don't believe me? The Yishma'elim have repeatedly promised to push us into the sea. Now, Peres, seems to be leading the charge westward with his "economic innovation."

Read Hillel Fendel's article on Arutz Sheva:

Peres: Invest in the Sea, not Judea/Samaria

Then, check out this Oleg cartoon, I recently saw on the American Friends for a Safe Israel site. Do my eyes deceive me, or was this drawn way back in 1993?

The New Middle East

Note: Apparently, Rafi G. and Batya beat me to this. Oh, well.

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Daniel Greenfield said...

into the sea...if not further down than that

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