Thursday, May 08, 2008

All Need To Know, I Learned From Harry Potter

3 of the Second Month 5768

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry PotterAn egg sandwich is better than nothing; boiled mushrooms apparently aren't. Even salmon might be obtainable, but you have to think to look for it first.

You can't always judge someone by first impressions, and definitely not by rumors. (Neville, Sirius Black, Luna, thestrals,...)

Even some nasty kreachers can change, if you're nice to them.

Help is available, those who ask for it.

Help can come from the most surprising places. But, keep your friends close nonetheless.

Governments don't always tell the truth.

To curse someone effectively, you really have to mean it. It isn't necessary to curse anyone except your enemies.

Killing someone can damage your soul, don't kill anyone.

Tears can be healing.

Combining courage, intellect, and loyalty can create something great. Ambition must be moderated.
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