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Embarrassed To Live In Tapu'ah

20 of the Third Month 5768

A video of a known Christian missionary group's visit to Israel was sent to me by Ge'ulah Girl, along with her important commentary.

Tomer Devorah also provides an analysis of this group and its visit.

This group was invited to K'far Tapu'ah, where I have lived for four years. I simply cannot bring myself to post this video on my blog. So please see the sites above, and be sure to check out time marker 6:27, for the Tapu'ah and then Beth-El segments of their trip.

I looked at the section of this video with a neighbor of mine. He suggested by the signs that this visit was made quite recently. I am embarrassed to say that I had no knowledge of it.

Why are these people allowed to have mixed dancing in a town which would never suggest such a thing?

Why was this done in front of our children? What kind of message did they receive from this kind of behavior?

Why were our children allowed to have any contact with them at all?

From Ge'ualah Girl's The Key To Redemption blog:

They are called the Israeli Celebration Dancers (ICD)led by Michael and Marty Gale from Greeley, Colorado.

From their website:

At this time, the vision for the ICD is to build a bridge, using music and dance, joining the Christian church and the Jewish people together in praise. In this way, the Christian church can join in the revival and learn that it is possible to be so in love with God that you just have to dance wildly around the room! From this bridge, the Jews may come to see that their Messiah, who is to come, has already come! Then we can all dance together in the Kingdom of Yeshua the Messiah

This dancing is almost exclusive to the "messianic" movement. It is called "Davidic dance and worship". It is also referred to as spiritual warfare.

Please be sure to read the rest of her commentary.

The Kitath Konanuth (First Response Team) received a very expensive, and much-needed equipment from these people.

And, now to show Tapu'ah's gratitude, it's pay back time.

I am very torn about this. This equipment will, no doubt, be used to save the lives of Jews, and after speaking to one of the Kitath Konanuth's members, I know that they had no knowledge of this group's missionary goals and tactics.

This all-volunteer force, has given a great deal of their time and energy to protect the town. I do not hold them responsible; I hold those involved with helping to arrange the visit responsible. This group has visited Tapu'ah before. Two years ago "someone" neglected to do a web search on their leader's name. How convenient.

No doubt I may get run out of this town after I post this, or at least when I write it up in Hebrew. But I cannot remain silent. We must recognize that this, albeit generous, gift is a short-term solution, and not a long-term one, and that this group has ulterior motives.

At the VERY least, this group's visit should have been have structured according to our community's standards. Mixed dancing should not have been allowed, and children should not have been present, nor should they have had any contact with these "soul-snatchers." If possible, some control should have been made over their video taping, and their subsequent use of the tape.

I am confident that these Christians would have been happy to accommodate Tapu'ah's community standards, and mention this in their promotional video about how that much closer they are to the Jews.

I was told by a Tapu'ah resident a long time ago that Rabbi Me'ir Kahane HY"D, addressing the listeners of a Christian Talk Radio show in the U. S., on which he was the guest, said...

Rabbi Me'ir Kahane ztz-l hy-d"If you want to support us, support us from afar. If you come to Israel to missionize us, then we'll have to cut your heads off."

Where is this Tapu'ah resident? He can be seen in the video.

Six of Rabbi Kahane's grandchildren live here, the orphaned children of Rabbi Binyamin and Talyah Kahane HY"D.

What would the Rabbis Kahane say now?

I am so embarrassed that I live here.


See who brought them here in the first place by clicking here. They're not even embarrassed about it. But let's see how long this link stays up now.


Avi said...

The Rav, eloquent as ever. I do hope that he was simply using colorful language and was not being literal. ;)

We have reaped what we have sown.

Esser Agaroth said...


I was only quoting him, of course, and second-hand at that.

Devorah Chayah said...

Thank you for having the courage to speak out, ben-yehudah. This last visit took place about two weeks ago. The one described by YMC was already another couple of years ago. If you don't understand that you're dealing with dynamite, best leave the handling of explosives to those who know how to recognize it or at least seek out some instruction.

BK, you need to re-read Devarim 13 on this issue. What do you think it means to put people to the sword? Is the Torah not nice enough for you? Been in Canada too long????

And you're still hosting xians on your blogs and giving them a platform from which to peddle their lies and defame Jews. Are you not just as guilty as those in Tapuach??

Avi said...

I am aware what Dvarim 13 says. However, it means that we should bring these people before the Beit Din and not literally kill them ourselves. In the absence of a Jewish court today, there is no din mavet. (Do you really think that beheading missionaries will bring anybody closer to HaShem?) I doubt that you could find a rav who would support BEHEADING Christians. (Though you could find a good imam.)

I take offense at your accusations. One blog is devoted to fighting Christian lies for the sole purpose of bringing Jews back to Judaism and away from Xianity. On my second blog, Christians can visit but are forbidden from sharing their idolatry.

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Why be torn about the issue? There is a clear-cut line. If they come to support the Kitat Konanut, fine. If the condition to doing so is that your children have to sing and dance to Yeshu, then kindly give them back their contribution, and unkindly kick their butt out of Tapuach.

Esser Agaroth said...


Rafael, You're right.

I'm only torn about it because I believe that the Kitat Konanut was innocent, and you could say, even perhaps deceived.

But, yeah, I was very surprised that they just sat there and said nothing about the dancing, Christians or not.

Batya said...

This is upsetting. Did the same thing go on in Beit El?

Devorah Chayah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Avi said...

I'll be honest- I don't know how to edit comments. But I did respond from the Torah. You make it seem as if I just ignored this comment.

Ve'Dah Mah Shetashiv--- that's my only goal.

Esser Agaroth said...

From Blogger Help:

"It is not possible to edit comments. If you want to edit your own comment, you can simply delete it and then re-enter it with the changes. (However, the time stamp will be modified to reflect the time of the new comment.)"

I will delete Devash's comment, now that BK has seen it, and will ask her to repost the revised comment. I'll send her a copy of the old one.

Chana @ Lemon Lime Moon said...

The Messy-Antics are very deceptive and use any method to get to people.
In Lakewood, their "rabbi" sings on the street corners.
The sight of those little ones running out to see what was happening was sad. So innocent and these people take such advantage.

Esser Agaroth said...

Fortunately, the message is getting across, little by little. They wouldn't listen to me, so like minded neighbors intervened.

The team members had no clue. But they should've objected to the dancing at least, and should've asked questions.

Daniel Greenfield said...

sick, but not surprising. There are a lot of Xtian groups coming into EY and most of them have the same agenda. I've exposed one or two in the past. They've forged ties with way too many supposedly jewish groups, and it goes much deeper than people know

much much deeper

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