Friday, October 03, 2008

A Not So New Siman Food

4 of the Seventh Month 5769

BeetsWhile many of you were eating seleq or silqa (beets or beet leaves) the other night on Rosh HaShannah, and saying something like "...oveinu yistalqu me'artzenu" (...our enemies should from our land), I was inventing (sort of) a new Chickensymbolic use of of not-so-new food on the table.

In Israeli elementary schools, when kids get annoyed by each other they tell each other "oof mipoh!" (get away from here. lit.: "fly from here"). The next time you eat chicken (oaf), you can say "May our enemies oof mipoh!"

Shannah Tovah.


Leora said...

I like this! If I remember, maybe next year I'll link to your post.

"Oof mepoh!" That's great. Maybe I could try it out tonight (again, we are having chicken) and see if my kids get it...

Batya said...

love it
I'll offer it to Mottel and Mottek!

Milhouse said...

One word: Bracha-li.

And avocado, so we should have a good advocate. (Advokaat would work even better. Why not have both?)

Lady-Light said...

I wish I had seen this post right before (or after) Rosh Hashana. We (my husband and I, but he worked for hours on the formatting of the English and Hebrew before I came to help him)compiled a single page sheet of Yehi Ratzons, consisting of a picture of the food (yes, silqa was there), the Yehi Ratzon/brachah said over it, and an explanation of the significance of the food (most are homonyms). There are nine total, that we do.

It is a beautiful professional-looking page, with color pics and the Ivrit in color, too, and for the first time doing this Rosh Hashana Seder in 30 years we had it laminated.
But oof mipoh is cute; maybe we could have the head of a chicken (instead of a fish or sheep) on the table for that, eh?

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