Tuesday, November 04, 2008


7 of the Eighth Month 5769

While Americans go to the polls to elect a new president, Israel is already gearing up for its own Kenneseth elections later this winter.

The Shabba"k (secret police) does a sweep of interrogations of settlers, Jews who hold by the Ramba"m, and others, over the pipe bombing of leftist Prof. Shernhell.

The IDF lies to soldiers in order to guarantee their participation in the destruction of the Federman and Tor Family homes in Hevron. This not the first time this has happened. Remember Havath Gilad seven years ago?

The media, cabinet ministers, and even so-called right-wing members of Kenneseth and Pesh"a Council officials immediately take the opportunity to demonize Torah observant Jews in Yehudah & Shomron (Judea & Samaria) who refuse to be robots of the State, otherwise know as "crazy settlers."

A few try to blame the Shabba"k for "provocation." But when it is learned that Shmu'el ben-Yishai is arrested, all are silent.

The PeSh"a Council has taken a different tact, launching a massive PR campaign, wasting thousands of sheqqels, and paper I might add, decrying:

"Fellow Israelis, please like us. We're just like you. Please don't kick us out of our homes!"

Between the lines they're saying...

(Well, actually, we don't care what you do to those crazy people in Yitzhar, Itamar, Tapu'ah, Hevron, Havath Ma'on, and most of the hilltops. We're not like THEM. They don't look like most of us, and they definitely don't think and act like us. Free feel to demonize them.)
Even though the PeSh"a Council claim success in its PR campaign, that does not stop cabinet ministers from escalating the war of words by claiming that the next political murder right around the corner.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Travel to Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Jordan, and Egypt

Secretary of State Rice will travel to Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Jordan, and Egypt from November 5 to 9. While in the region she will meet with her Quartet counterparts and senior government officials to discuss efforts to achieve positive and lasting peace in the region consistent with the Annapolis process and the shared-goal of a two-state solution.

October 30, 2008

(Tip-off from Tomer Devorah)
Did anyone else notice that she was coming, the day after the U. S. Presidential election?

All of this back and forth about the right way to demonize settlers is about paving the way for the Israeli government to be able to give up more land.

They have to. They're all puppets, whether they know they are, or not. They are servicing the U. S., and its interests.

Secretary Rice wants a deal now, a deal which will be binding on future prime ministers.

If Binyamin Netanyahu (Likud) becomes prime minister again, he can just throw up his arms, and say there's nothing he can do about it. If Tzippi Livni (Kadima) becomes prime minister, she can try to out-do Rice's plan.

President Bush's ego is really THAT big, that he's more worried about his legacy [and oil] than what's right. So much for Christians "allies."

How many more times will Jews have to place their trust in Christians before they realize their grave mistake? Hopefully not too many more, but we are a "stiff-necked people."

It's the same ol' co-dependent, "Goyim, We'll do what you say, if you accept us, and take care of us." and "See? We're just like you."

The only question is, who is the U. S. President really serving,...I mean besides himself.

The next one looks like it'll be Sen. Barack Obama. Who is he serving?

Syria moves more tank and artillery forces south to the Israeli border.

Stay tuned....


"PeSh"a" Council is a play on rhyming words. It is a reference to the YeSh"a Council, the self-appointed body, receiving its budget directly from the Office of the Prime Minister, which claims authority over Yehudah, Shomron, and at one time, Azza.

Pesha is Hebrew for "crime."
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