Friday, November 14, 2008

Rabinism Wrap-Up

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Wayera 5769

So many bloggers have covered this, I am not sure why I am bothering.

Actually, yeah, I do know why. There never seems to be enough coverage. If there were, then people would start to wake up, right?

Probably not, but I'll give my 10ag anyway.

So, Rabinfest this week included the relatively new Ta'anith Rabin (Fast of Rabin), which some Am HaArtzim have decided is more important that Tisha b'Av. What? Do you think these people fast on Tisha b'Av?

Settler-bashing was on the agenda. It started particularly early this year, probably due to the impending national elections. Baraq and Livni have to do something to get votes. So, they have decided to strike the "fear of settlers" into the electorate. Olmert is standing in for Livni in this regard, sort of. That way she can always disavow herself of his statements when she campaigns in the more conservative areas of the country.

The truth is that Olmert is gambling that a good dose of settler-bashing could gain him some sympathy in the leftist higher courts, when he appeals his all but certain conviction. After all, it worked for Sharon. He sold out Azza, even though his own Likud Party members voted against it. In exchange his son Gil'ad got off scott-free, and son Omri got off with a short stint in jail.

But, I digress...

Many bloggers and journalists have made mention that Rabin's last policy speech has been conspicuously absent from any of the latest publications and Rabin worship services.

It's good that they mentioned this. Even though it will no doubt fall on deaf ears, annual custom. However, it is still important to make mention of the Altalena, know that ship carrying weapons to Israel so that Jews could fight against the British? Well, "someone" gave an order to shoot at the crew of the Alta Lena, murdering 16 Jews. The Wikipedia entry on the Altalena Affair does not even mention his name. Surprised?

Here is rare footage of the attack on Altalena, along with eye witness accounts of the shooting of Jews while they were struggling in the water, courtesy of Voice Of Judea (Tip credit to The Jewish Fist).

The Left, of course, uses that old hat, "he was just following orders."

The man was, at the very least, complicit in the murder of Jews, not to mention the Jewish lives lost in recent years due to the Oslo Death Accords and the providing of weapons to the PA so-called "police" squad.

And we're supposed to mourn his loss?

Why some might even say that's forbidden. But, who am I to suggest such a thing?

A soldier gets 21 days in jail for yawning during a memorial ceremony. Settlers and other religious Jews get demonized for not wanting to participate.

What punishments are in store for next year?


The "forbidden" link may also provide you a hint as to why his face is partially blacked-out.

Read "On Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations" by Rav Binyamin Kahane H"YD, posted at The Jewish Fist. He wrote it shortly after after Rabin's death.

See Tamar Yonah's piece for your Questions Still Unanswered surrounding his death.

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