Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Candle Light March: Don't Free Terrorists! - Free Gilad Shalit!

4 of the Eleventh Month 5769

Memorial candle light march this Sunday night, 7 Shevat (Feb. 1), at 5:00 PM to emphasize that the policy of releasing terrorists resulted in 180 Jews being murdered since the year 2000.

The march will start in Jerusalem at Kikar Tzion (Zion Square), go towards the Prime Minister's House and then on to the President's house. Freeing terrorists simply endanger Am Yisra'el.

Please join us - for more info call
02-538-8999, 052-4239870

Sponsored by Almagor, the "Terror Victims Association"


As a victim of terror myself (I survived the French Hill suicide bombing, 9 Tammuz 5762/June 19, 2002.), I encourage you to take only 2 1/2 minutes of your time to find out more about this very important, non-profit organization.

"Releasing Terrorists Again?"

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