Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Message To Obama (Video Review)

13 of the Twelfth Month 5771

This video has already made the rounds of the Net several times. But, a friend of mine sent me the link, and asked me what I thought of it.

So, here's what I think.

The first thing I noticed was the channel it was posted on, the YouTube channel of the inaccurately named YeSh"A Council (AKA Pesha Council AKA Resha Council AKA Yesh"u Council), YeSh"A being an acronym for Yehudah, Shomron, & Azza (Judea, Samaria, & Gaza). It appears that the members of the YeSh"A Council have yet to realize that there isn't anymore "Azza."

You must see the video "Meraglim" ("Spies," as in the spies who forsook the Land). It is only 40 minutes, and in it you will see why it was very much the fault of the YeSh"A Council, that there are no longer Jews residing in Azza, among other nasty business this Council is responsible for.

That was the first thing I noticed about the link to the video my friend to me. This is a minor point in relation to the actual video. Nonetheless, the subversive activities of the so-called YeSh"A Council are always worth pointing out, when given the opportunity.

Overall, the video does not provide a bad message. There are several changes which could have been made to the message, without compromising its delivery to the broad I audience I believe the creative forces behind the video were intending to reach.

1. The statement "God gave us the Ten Commandments" should have been "God gave us the Torah, which includes the Ten Commandments" instead. Then "us" should have been defined. Who was "us?" "Us" was/is Am Yisra'el, the People of Israel, or something like that, the Jewish People being what is currently left.

2. The producers of the video seem to have alluded to the concept of "chosen-ness," just enough not to upset the goyim and assimilated Jews (who confuse Western culture and sensibilities with Jewish ones). I suppose that I can understand why they did this. Yet, since the Torah is the only justification for the Jewish People to inhabit the Land of Israel, whether we are talking of Hevron or Tel-Aviv, the video could have been a bit more pointed regarding this fact.

3. While moving quickly through the history of the Jewish People and its Eternal Homeland, more emphasis could have been made on the Hellenistic period, by mentioning the holiday of Hanukkah. Whether I like it or not, Hanukkah is probably the most recognized Jewish holiday, if not most recognized Jewish word, amongst goyim and assimilated Jews. I might even called many, if not most, of the assimilated, Jewish leadership Hellenists. So, this might have hit a nerve with them. On the other hand, they probably would never have seen the connection between themselves, and those Jews of history who preferred to assimilate into the culture of the non-Jewish rulers of the Land of Israel at that time.

4. More emphasis could also have been placed on the Roman name change of our Homeland from Judea/Israel to Syria-Palestine. More and more people on the street are becoming increasingly aware of international, American, and Israeli, news media bias, and revisionist history. This emphasis could have hit a crucial chord, and caused some "Hmm's" and "I see's."

5. This video did do a good job explaining the constant barrage of Arab attacks. And even though I, personally, could not give a rat's tuchus as to what the Esau-Yishma'el-controlled U. N. says or does, it was quite correct to point out that Jews accepted the U. N. mandate, while the Arabs did not. Years flashing on the screen would have given a nice perspective to the so-called Arab-Israeli conflict (ie. 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, etc.)

The last line flashed on the screen was also important to display:

Obama, Don't play God.
Israel is not yours to give away.

6. A Hebrew version should be done of this video, with this identical message at the end, directed toward the Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, and Members of K'nesseth. After all, not all the blame can be placed on the U. S. (the UN, the EU, etc.). They may be the ones pressuring Israel, and propagating Arab lies. But it is the Torah-hating, un-Jewish collaborators in Israel who are succumbing to, if not welcoming, the foreign pressure.

Many of these un-Jews either do not believe in God, or believe that they ARE God. Nonetheless, I believe that attempts should be made to delivery this message.

Now, let me ask a question which I believe is more important:

When are American Jews finally going to get the message?

America (Am Reiqa = empty people) is not your home,

...neither is California (Qelipa ran yah = anti-spiritual shell singing of God. What does Hollywood know of God?! God is not a special effect!!),

...nor is New York (Noi Yoreq = spitting decoration).


Obama is not your president.

Remember when African-American men were told to "Get on the bus" for the so-called million man march?

Well, I'm telling Jews, just get on the plane!


Rabbi Lemming said...

My dear friend. No liberal Jew would ever use the outdated, racist term "African-American" anymore. It sounds like you are trying to make them sound like "the other" by conjuring up images of savage primitives swinging through the trees of darkest Africa. I believe the following terms are more politically correct for our enlightened times. Of course, it is always important to speak with the "otherly skinned" community to see which words are in proper today.

1)"Gentlemen of a different hue."
2)Favorably tinted
3)persons of other skin persuasions.

Fortunately, I have many scholarly friends in the community such as my dear friend Cornel West who always keeps me on my toes, and ensures that I continue to feel guilty for the sins of x-tian slavery. I bid you good luck on your journey towards racial sensitivity.

Uri DeYoung said...

Ben-Yehudah, I've thought quite a bit about the continued use of the name YeShA Council. I am in no way supporting the Council, or its traitorous decisions. The name of the video was very aptly translated as "Traitors", not "Spies". I'm in favor of not dropping the A for Azza. Seeing the A reminds people that Azza exists, and linking it to Yehudah and Shomron reminds people that it's Jewish - at least the people who consider Yehudah and Shomron to be Jewish. Very few people ever think about the fact that there was a group of Jewish communities called Yamit in the Sinai, because the name is rarely seen.
I'm living in Elon Moreh now. On official Shomron correspondence, publications etc. when communities are listed, I see the names of the four communities of the northern Shomron that were destroyed when my K'far Darom was. I see the hypocrisy in keeping the names, but not the communities themselves, however seeing the names keeps them in people's minds. We cannot rebuild what we forget.

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