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Leftists Tour Samaria: So What?

22 of the Twelfth Month (Beth) 5771

My commentary is interspersed in blue italics. Haaretz Reporters On Samaria Tour

Maayana Miskin, 22 Adar II 5771/March 27, 2011

The Samaria Regional Council and Samaria Residents Council achieved another goal for their successful "see for yourself" tours program this week, getting the staff of the radically left-wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz to tour Samaria, the biblical heartland. Haaretz staff join the staff of many other papers, as well as politicians, radio broadcasters, world leaders and more, who have taken part in the tour.

The one-day tour includes stops in Ariel, Itamar, and at viewpoints from which visitors can see the densely populated coastal region spread below them, giving them an immediate sense of the region's strategic security value.
I have mixed feeling about this, as you will soon see. Showing these reporters just how tenuous the security situation is, first hand, may be helpful. Yet, we have already learned from past experiences that many of these un-Jews actively work toward Israel's destruction. Thus, some of these journalists and "VIP's" may actually use this information to manipulate what does or does not get publicized about the current, security situation, as well as anything else which serves to further their global, assimilationist agenda (ie. Jews are just like everybody else!).
Travelling the roads in the Shomron, the visitors saw the vast expanse of unpopulated and uncultivated land that fills most of the region, making it obvious that Israelis are not encroaching on Arab living space.
What Arab space? This is Eretz Yisra'el (Land of Israel), and it ALL belongs to us. When are Jews going to finally wake up, and smell the humous? How have the Yishma'elim (Arabs) "known" that Eretz Yisra'el does not really belong to the Jews? Because we Jews have continuously shown the willingness to auction it off to false promises, as opposed to fighting for it.
The visitors were shown Samaria's rich Jewish history, when they toured an archeological site from the times of Joshua son of Nun.

They saw the industrial complex in Barkan adjoining the city of Ariel, which provides employment for thousands of local Arabs.
This is absolutely not something to be proud of. Not only is this funding and supporting our enemies, and in my humble opinion, a violation of the negative commandment "Lo Tehonem," but it is also classic, Ashkenazi classism. "Let the rif-raf do the work. I am above manual labor."
They also got to sample some of the residents' products, tasting organic cheeses and yogurts made in Itamar and sampling wine made from the vineyards of Har Bracha.
By the way, where did they hide the Christian missionaries in Har Bracha?
Rabbi Nitzan Yemin, principal of the school in Itamar, met with the visitors from Haaretz, as did Benny Katzover of the Samaria Residents Council.

No doubt, Itamar was chosen to gain sympathy from the leftists. We don't need their sympathy. We don't need them to like us, to validate our existence. This is just the same old co-dependent strategy which has been employed by various councils and communities in Yehudah & Shomron (Judea & Samaria).

We must stop playing the victim!

And, where did THEY hide THEIR Christian missionaries, who have infiltrated Itamar, thanks to Moshe and Leah Goldschmidt?

At the end of the trip, several of the editors and journalists said they would be interested in taking part in a second tour in the future.

The Samaria tours began more than a year ago as part of an outreach program aimed at making Israeli and international journalists, politicians and other opinion-shapers, many of whom are politically left-wing, less hostile to Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Among those to take part in the tours so far are former Justice Minister Professor Daniel Friedman, the staff of Yediot Acharonot and of Walla, Time Magazine's Jerusalem Bureau Chief Karl Vick, and popular broadcaster Avri Gilad.
Watch the publications listed above. No doubt the Shomron Residents Council (whoever the heck they are) will get stabbed in the back, for their "good intentions."

So, was it all worth it? Was all the money spent on the co-dependent, PR campaign worth it?

I think not. The money would be better spent at the local level, supporting housing improvements, new schools, and agricultural projects.

Let the tourists pay for their own trips!

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