Monday, March 28, 2011

The Latest On The Social Workers' Strike

23 of the Twelfth Month (Beth) 5771

I passed by the National Labor Court today, and saw a demonstration. It was not really clear to me what they were protesting, except that I saw Histadrut signs, and there was something about comparing their salaries to something really low. I saw several, visibly religious men and women in a crowd of not apparently religious Jews. Such mixtures of Jews, uniting for a common cause, are usually a good sign in my book.

At times, the protesters were really loud, but not out of control. The police eventually came to rope off areas for them, and to keep people away who were not involved.

There were 50 to 70 people there, at most. Yesterday, in Tel Aviv, their numbers were significantly larger.

As I crossed the street next to a police officer, I asked her what the demonstration was about. "It is about getting a raise in pay," she responded, and then asked, "That's good isn't it?"

I said I have would have to check the details of what they were asking for, but that it probably was a good thing.

Upon arriving back at work, I looked up the protest. It was not so easy to find, either. was malfunctioning. I finally found a blurb about it, buried in's new flashes: Social Workers Protest Outside Labor Court

22 Adar II 5771/March 28, 2011

Dozens of social workers and students are rallying opposite the National Labor Court, demanding that the Treasury re-negotiate their salary agreement.

The Labor Court is expected to relate to the State's request for injunctions against the workers, now on strike for 23 days.
Well, I had heard about the social workers' strike. The first thing which came to mind was:
1. Cry babies, this is what you get for harassing religious Jews, Haredim and [ideological] settlers included.
The next thing that came to mind was:
2. That's odd. Aren't social workers the front line soldiers of the Israel government's plan of mass indoctrination into anti-Torah society? Why would the government treat them this way?
A rouse perhaps? I don't know. Sounds like an awful lot of trouble, unless something big is up.

Curiouser and curiouser...
3. Furthermore, how much do you want to bet that a cop would never get away with expressing open support for demonstration by Haredim or settlers.

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