Thursday, March 31, 2011

MK Tibi, The Truth Hurts, Doesn't It?!

25 of the Twelfth Month (Beth) 5771 Tibi Slams Syria Over 'Palestinians' Remark

23 Adar II 5771/March 30, 2011

MK Ahmed Tibi (Ta'al Party) expressed outrage Tuesday over remarks made by a senior Syrian adviser. The adviser accused “Palestinians” of fomenting unrest in Syria; the reference was apparently to the descendants of Arabs who fled pre-state Israel during the War of Independence, more than 60 years ago.

“How long will the Palestinians be the peg that Arab regimes hang their failures on?” Tibi asked.

If the shoe fits...
Palestinians: a made up identity, stemming from the Roman attempt to call the Land of Israel "Philistia;" a mish-mash of Arabs from Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, most of whom only migrated to Israel, when they saw that the Jews were succeeding in transforming a small strip of desert into someplace livable and economically viable.
Even their fellow Arabs do not like them. "Palestinians" are trouble makers.
Q: What's one of the first things the Kuwaiti government did, after being liberated from Iraq in 1991?

A: They kicked out the "Palestinians."
Some say this was due to the Palestinian support of Saddam Hussein ysh"u, a prudent move on the part of the Kuwaitis.

Even some leftist-sponsored, Jewish-Arab youth programs were disrupted in Yaffo, by the Arab youths' cheering, every time a scud did any damage in Israel. The Jewish youth changed their minds about participating.

But, this was not the first time, not by a long shot.
Q: King Hussein of Jordan killed how many Palestinians in a single day?

A: 3,000 (almost as many who were killed on 9/11).
That's one way to take care of an uprising!

When Israeli Prime Minister Begin and Egyptian President Sadat were negotiating the return of the Sinai Peninsula, Sadat made sure to have the Egyptian portion of Rafi'ah (Egypt-Gaza border town) included in Egypt's territory. When Begin suggested he also take the other half of the town of Rafi'ah, Sadat refused, saying, "No, that's Palestinian Rafi'ah. We don't want it."

Of course, only Israel gets criticized for putting them in their place.

No surprises here.

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