Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Israeli General Security Services Chief Named

24 of the Twelfth Month (Beth) 5771

YNET: Yoram Cohen Named New Shin Bet Chief

Prime Minister Netanyahu names intelligence organization's 12th director Monday, opts for religious candidate. Cohen to replace Yuval Diskin, who will end six-year term in May

Ronen Medzini, March 28, 2011

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu named Yoram Cohen the next Shin Bet director Monday evening.

Cohen will take over for Yuval Diskin, who has served in the position for the past six years.

In Monday's announcement, which was televised for the first time in Israel's history, Netanyahu said that Cohen "joined the Shin Bet over 30 years ago and has served in a variety of positions. (Read the entire article...)

From YNET Hebrew (translated):

Far Right-Wing Activists On Yoram Cohen: "A bitter experience with the religious Jews."

"The feeling is that the Shabba"k (Shin-Bet/General Security Services) Chief will be worse than all of his predecessors," leaders told YNET, following the announcement of the new chief [who is to begin in May]. Meir Bartler Hilltop Youth [activist] said, "Usually when there is a kippah-wearer in a position like this, he is only destructive to us, because they need to show that they are not taking sides.

Yair Altman & Aviel Migazini, March 29, 2011
(Read the entire article...)
The article continues to recount the concerns of the right over Cohen's appointment, and over the activities of the Shabba"k, in general.
MK Michael Ben-Ari, who also participated in the [K'nesseth Foreign Affairs & Security Committee] discussion with outgoing Shabba"k Chief Yuval Diskin, said, "When I asked him which resouces the Shabba"k was investing in the standing response to the anarchists, he replied that they were investing in the 'Kahanist Terrorists.' What has happened is that Yuval Diskin wanted to fill the position in his image, and continue to be in the Shabba"k, even after he leaves. There were similar pressures from the Shabba"k itself. On the other hand, I know that inside the Office of the Prime Minister they have been dragging their feet on this issue for quite some time."
More statements from Land Of Israel activists:
MK Michael Ben-Ari: "We do not know who this Cohen is."

No'am Federman: "It is known that he hates settlers."
And now, a final word from Yuval Diskin himself:
"Yoram's appointment, a candidate who grew within the organization will allow the Shin Bet to fulfill its destiny – the security of the State of Israel in the best possible way."
"...fulfill its destiny?" Here's one possible translation: Acting as the special police force to assist its holy government to fulfill its ultimate goal of reining in all citizens under its control through anti-Torah indoctrination.

And another final word, this one from another former Shabba"k Chief, Avi Dichter:
Cohen "[Cohen] is a true professional, who knows things from top to bottom. I have no doubt that this is a tough day for terror groups.
These "Defenders of the State" often call Jews who hold HaQadosh Barukh Hu (The holy One, Blessed Be He) and His Torah in higher authority than anything else, including anti-Torah, Israeli laws, "dangerous," "seditious," "inciters," even "terror groups."

I am not optimistic about the appointment of Yoram Cohen as the new Shabba"k Chief.

These only reason not to expect immediate pogroms against [real] religious settlers, is the possible strategy employed to lulling settlers into a false sense of security.

Be vigilant.


Cosmic X said...


I must admit that I am also a little wary that a kipah wearer may feel the need to prove that he doesn't favor religious settlers. On the other hand, from the news reports it seems that he was not involved in the infamous "Jewish Division" of the Shabak. It seems that he has served his country honorably for the last 30 years. I wish him much success in his new job.

Esser Agaroth said...

This may be so...

My understanding is that there is quite a bit of transferring between the two main divisions, enforcing the notion that their is only one side to be on the State's (ie. not necessarily HaShem's).

His lack of involvement with the Jewish Division (if that is indeed the case. Who can trust the Shabba"k at its word?) may be a disadvantage as he will, at times, have to rely the judgment of others who do have such experience.

The bottom line is that those following the Torah over Israeli law, when their is a conflict, are considered dangerous.

You have not quelled my pessimism over his appointment.

Of course, as long as the Jewish Division exists, I will remain pessimistic.

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