Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1,000 Christians Seek To Convert, Or Do They? We May Never Know.

24 of the First Month 5771

Erev Pesah, I spotted an article on, declaring the intention of 1,000 Christians to pursue conversion to Judaism, and to make aliya. Their efforts appear to be supported by MK Lea Shemtov (Yisra'el Beiteinu).

I responded with I Warned You About Christian Infiltration In Israel, And You Would Not Listen!

I wrote to, asking why this was publicized on Erev Pesah, the busiest day of the year for Jews. Who would have time to see such an important article? published an article on the subject, four days earlier.

Then, the was taken down. It was explained to me that the story was probably a hoax anyway. I asked why someone could not simply pick up the phone and call up MK Lea Shemtov, and get a reaction from her (...or for that matter, call up the author of the article). I have yet receive a response.

I was invited to write an op-ed. I am still considering the option.

They have yet to publish my talkback to Christian Group Seeks To Convert, Move To Yesha. So, I am not optimistic that they would be willing to print an op-ed from me, unedited that is.

In this second article,, again, fails to ask the hard questions, such as....

"Do you still believe in Jesus as messiah, or as anyone divine?"

"Did you know that this, and similar, beliefs disqualifies you from becoming Jewish?"

"Did you know that even a Jew who has such beliefs does not have full halakhic status as a Jew, if any at all?"

"Did you know that causing other Jews to have such beliefs is a serious sin, according to the Torah?

Is it possible that is more concerned about losing donations from Christians, than investigating and publicizing the news?

Christians have been "Hebraicizing" Christianity for years now, in order to pray on ignorant Jews in the U. S., as well as to lay claims to the Jewish Homeland, by asserting ridiculous notions of being descended from one tribe or another.

Given the history of false converts sneaking through, these Christians must be treated with suspicion.

Lets hope that the Interior Ministry does not grant their request for aliya before conversion. Why on earth should they?

Lets also hope that the rabbis involved in the process do ask the hard questions, which others have failed to ask.

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