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The Difference Between Good & Evil: MK Katz vs. Peres

22 of the Second Month 5771

Time to take a break from fawning and swooning, (or, in my case, vomiting) over Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and be reminded of two reports which you have, no doubt, already forgotten.

First, one about good...
MK Katz: Honorable Prime Minister, State Our Rights To This Land

( ...At this point in time, between your speech to the members of AIPAC last night and your address to the two Houses of Congress today, I wish to bring to your attention the fact that there was a glaring omission in your to speech to AIPAC in that there was no mention of our Biblical and historical rights to our land.

In the two thousand years of exile from our land, we became accustomed to a defensive approach, stressing our security needs, when addressing the tyrants who oppressed us.

But from the time we left the ghetto behind, returned to Zion and established ourselves as a free people in its own state, with the help of God, it is incumbent upon us to statth pride the real reason we are in the land of Israel, that which justifies our demand that the nations of the world recognize our rights to that land.

e wiThese basic claims are a chain linking all of Jewish history and are found in the Zionist movement’s writings, where your family served as a cornerstone. You expressed words in this spirit in your writings, your father Professor Ben-Zion Netanyahu, may he be granted long life, lectured and educated towards that goal; your brother Yoni, may his blood be avenged, Israel’s hero, dreamed and fought for this idea. Clearly stated words to this effect were part and parcel of the speeches and lectures of your late grandfather Rabbi Millikovsky-Netanyahu in his appearances all over the United States 90 years ago.

In response to claims based purely on security, the President of the United States offers opposing security claims. In response to claims that we have a right to this land there are no acceptable claims....

MK Ya'akov Katz basically asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to tell the U. S. Congress the truth, what he neglected to mention to the American Israel Public Action Committee [AIPAC]: The Holy One Blessed Be He gave the Land of Israel to the People Israel. It is for us, yet not for us to give it away. This is Am Yisra'el's only, valid claim to the Land, as is recorded in our Holy Torah.

Unfortunately, PM Netanyahu is more concerned with convincing the goyim that we are entitled to what HaShem has given, and after all, we are going to give some of it up anyway (God forbid!)., to a made up people with a made up history who have no claims to our Land whatsoever. The point is that even Netanyahu does not care that this Land is not ours to give away.

And, now, one from the dark side...
Peres: Israel Will Submit To US For Good Relationship

( President Shimon Peres said Tuesday that despite the appearance of tensions between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and United States President Barack Obama, relations between the two countries are excellent and that there is good dialogue between America and Israel on security issues, Army Radio reported.

Peres said that Netanyahu's upcoming speech in front of the U.S. Congress will be the "speech of his life" and will bring great international attention. The president said that Netanyahu's speech will outline a planned retreat from Judea and Samaria regions in order to allow for a new Arab state in Israel's heartland run by the Western-backed Palestinian Authority.

Peres made the comments from a visit at a military drill in a southern military base.
Shimon Peres appears to act as if EVERYONE who is progressive and enlightened (member of a borderless, global community) KNOWS that such a plan of action is the ONLY possible way to proceed, in regard to our relationship with the Arabs.

Peres appears to be completely devoid of any connection to the Holy Land, except for convenience it brings him to be in the center of the Torah world, to be able to fight against it. In fact, he appears to be quite pleased with himself, that he has succeeded this far in the steps toward the creation of yet another sovereign state for our terrorist enemies, who want to wipe us off of the face of the earth, or just push us into the Mediterranean Sea. Whatever!

Peres is one of the only architects of the Oslo ("Death To Jews") Accords who has remained in Israel. All of the others took flight, after succeeding in doing the damage they had set out to do. How many Jews have been killed as a result? I've lost count.

This does not demonstrate a commitment to Israel, its People its Land and its Torah; this demonstrates a commitment to the successful raffling off of the only, true Homeland of the Jewish People, along with the security of the crumbs which will be left in the end.

In Peres's Valley Of Peace Initiative, one of Israel's borders will be erased gradually in a very sneaky manner. Europe (Esau) and Jordan (Yishma'el) will be recruited to invest in the project, a dangerous prospect, both physically and spiritually.

See for yourself...

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