Monday, May 16, 2011

Nakba النكبة Day Wrap-Up!

13 Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1432
(12 of the Second Month 5771)

OK, so let's see what happened on this year's Nakba Day!

First off,...

Suspected Terror Attack In Tel Aviv; 1 Dead

Man killed, 17 wounded as Arab truck driver goes on rampage in southern Tel Aviv

Yoaz Zitun,

Terror in Tel Aviv? One man died and 17 people were injured in what police suspect was a terror attack in Tel AvivSunday morning, after a truck driving along Bar-Lev street hit and ran over several vehicles.

The fatality in the incident was identified as Aviv Morag, 29, from Givatayim.

The truck driver, 22-year-old Aslam Ibrahim Isa, from Kfar Kassem, was arrested and taken in for questioning, where he vehemently claimed that he did not set out to perform a terror attack, but rather simply lost control of the vehicle, after one of its tires blew.
What a coincidence. Elder Of Ziyon reports on what a couple of Palestinian news outlets had to say. Needless to say, they were excited by the "incident." You do the math.

Two Policemen Run Over In East Jerusalem
Omri Efraim,

Two police officers suffered mild injuries in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber.

The two were in the process of checking the papers of Palestinian suspects when a car ran them over. Two Palestinians were also lightly injured. Police forces are canvassing the area for the car and driver.

In the north,...
Syria: Israel's Actions Criminal

Damascus condemns IDF's use of force against Syrian infiltrators who crossed border, calls on international community to 'hold Israel responsible for deadliest confrontation along borders in years'
In other words, Syrians blamed Israel for protecting its borders from hostile, foreign infiltrators. How dare Israel protect its borders!

And, what would Nakba Day be without Jewish cheerleaders?

Radical Leftists: Soldiers Are Killers

In show of support for 'Nakba Day' extreme leftists hold protest in Tel Aviv calling for end to 'killing of innocent civilians.' Right wing activists hold counter protest: You're fifth column

Yoav Zitun,

Around 100 extreme leftists are protesting near Tel Aviv's Cinematheque in a show of support for the Palestinian "Nakba Day," "the Just people's uprising", and against "the killing of innocent civilians".

The protesters were carrying Palestinian flags and posters reading "Stop the civilian deaths", "Free Palestine", "the IDF is the most moral terror organization in the world", and "There is no holiness in the occupied city."

No surprises here,...just more self-hating Jews, hating Jews, hating Israel, hating Torah. But, I don't blame them. They are [probably] only tinoq shenishbah (could not possibly no any better). Their leaders are the rasha'im.

Of course, the mamlakhti (religious, "all you need is love") crowd does not help matters. They are the reason that such protests are even allowed to persist. As long as they align themselves with the secular government, and maintain their delusions of "democracy" being compatible with Torah, or least while we wait around for Mashi'ah, Ge'ulah will definitely be delayed more than it has to be.

The only surprise here is the use of the term "radical leftist," by the left-wing, Israeli news source YNET. They must be pretty left-wing for YNET to call them "radical!" I wonder what that makes former Education Minister Yuli Tamir (Labor)? She wanted Nakba Day to be taught in Israeli schools, and to be included in textbooks.

The Israeli secret police General Security Service chimed in...

Shin Bet Chief: Regional Instability Benefits Extremists

Newly installed Shin Bet Chief Yoram Cohen warned Sunday that the current regional instability in the Middle East benefits extremist Islamist elements.

He added that "the situation also affects existing threats and those we have ahead of us in the Palestinian arena."
Gee. Ya' think? So, now, what are you going to do about it? Same ol', same ol', send the "Jewish Department" out to harras more Jews. Makes sense, right?

And, now, for the good news....

Prime Minister Netanyahu said the following in a speech in the K'nesseth:
"We must stop beating ourselves up and blaming ourselves," Netanyahu said, "The reason there is no peace is that the Palestinians refuse to recognize the State of Israel as the Jewish people's nation state."
Unfortunately, the rest of his was crap. Oh, well. There's always next year. Maybe then the government will stop repeating the same damned mistakes over again, expecting different results. But, probably not.

Sa'eb Erakat ys"w said in his speech:
"The negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians are over. I'm tired of the Israelis ignoring me; I'm tired of people trying to dictate to me what is good and what is not," he said.
Good. Now, we can get down to the business of worrying about the welfare of Jews, building up a [truly] Jewish state, and dealing with the internal Arab problem.

Nope. Probably not.

Yes. Today, truly was a Nakba (tragedy),...but for the Jews. Today was nothing, though.

Read about the real, Jewish Nakba النكبة here.


Batya said...

People see what they want to see. No matter how much logic we post, does it help?

Miriam Woelke said...


The name of the truck driver from the Pigua in Tel Aviv has not yet been published in the Hebrew press. There is still a ban on publishing the name.

Sometimes the press abroad is faster than ours.:-)

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