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Arab Rock Throwers And The Journalist

ל' לחודש הראשון תשע"ג

The Jewish Voice: Beth-El - The IDF Does Not Respond To Attacks - The Residents Act

Elhanan Gruner, 27 Nissan 5773/April 7, 2003

(Translated) After the daily rock throwing stones by the Arabs of [neighboring] Jilazun and the tire burning at the fence of the town without any response from the army, residents from Beth-El decided to act on their own. During the course of Shabbath, when the Arabs of Jilazun began their daily barrage, Jews returned with their own rocks, by which a number of vehicles were damaged, and one Arab injured. (cont.)

Arab thugs in their spare time
Photo Credit: Rotter.net Archive
It seems to me that the residents of Beth-El came to the only logical conclusion as to how to respond, ESPECIALLY when the IDF has NOT been responding, even after an 8-year-old boy was wounded in the face.

And, why is that? I have no idea,...but I can guess.

Where is the outrage?!

...with help from MSPaint

Meanwhile, (Am) HaAretz "journalist" Amira Hass called Arab rock throwing justified. Then when she's called on the carpet for that comment, she claims it was "metaphorical."

Yeah, whatever.

Adele (bat Advah) Biton
Baby Adele is still in the hospital, and that's NOT a metaphor. Adele's mother Advah even invited Amira Hass to come visit her daughter there.

If a Jew had said such a comment, in particular a Haredi Jew or a "settler" had made such a comment, that Jew would have been arrested for "incitement of violence," and put in non-metaphorical jail until his non-metaphorical, "mockery of a travesty of a sham"* trial.

You will be seeing a new rating system going into effect at Esser Agaroth, starting now. Writer Debbie Schlussel uses "Reagans" (+) and "Marxes" (-), among others, for her ratings.

I, too, will be using icons of a sort for my new rating system, and Amira Hass has the "honor" of being first to receive a score on Esser Agaroth (2¢).

Amira Hass receives 3 1/2 Sea Hags for her "metaphor," and a Hanin Zoabi for her "metaphorical" support of terrorist, Arab rock throwers.



*From Woody Allen's flim "Bananas"

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