Sunday, April 21, 2013

In Honor Of The UN's Anniversary

י"א לחודש השני תשע"ג

Well, it's not exactly the UN's Anniversary. But, when I saw that the anniversary of the UN's Conference on International Organization was this week, I just could not contain myself, and had to grab the opportunity, which just fell into my lap, to put up one of my dream posts.
Wikipedia: United Nations History
After the League of Nations failed to prevent World War II (1939–1945), there was widespread recognition that humankind could not afford a third world war. Therefore, the United Nations was established to replace the flawed League of Nations in 1945 in order to maintain international peace and promote cooperation in solving international economic, social, and humanitarian problems. The earliest concrete plan for a new world organization was begun under the aegis of the U.S. State Department in 1939. Franklin D. Roosevelt first coined the term 'United Nations' as a term to describe the Allied countries. The term was first officially used on 1 January 1942, when 26 governments signed the Atlantic Charter, pledging to continue the war effort. On 25 April 1945, the UN Conference on International Organization began in San Francisco, attended by 50 governments and a number of non-governmental organizations involved in drafting the United Nations Charter. The UN officially came into existence on 24 October 1945 upon ratification of the Charter by the five then-permanent members of the Security Council—France, the Republic of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States—and by a majority of the other 46 signatories. The first meetings of the General Assembly, with 51 nations represented, and the Security Council, took place in Methodist Central Hall Westminster in London beginning 6 January 1946.

I think this photo is WAY too kind to the UN.
Sure, we have all seen the above photo going around. Real or doctored, it doesn't matter. It's more than true. The real truth is that this body of United Nothings is actually quite harmful to Jewish health, both physically and spiritually.

Israel should immediately resign its membership in this United Nations of Esau and Yishma'el, and refuse to be beholden to the bribes, extortion, and other forms of blackmail from outside entities.

Yeah, right! As if THAT is gonna happen today!

But, what can happen today is my presentation of the praise which the Undignified Namby-Pambies deserves.

So, in honor of the April 25th Anniversary of the UN Conference on International Organization, which led to the UN Charter's adoption in the following October, I have decided to post some "dream photos." I say "dream photos," because I would NEVER encourage anyone to go out and vandalize UN through heinous acts of graffiti.

("Accidental") terrorist assistance in South Lebanon;
Ambulance gun-running in Azza. Need I say more?

Silly, requisite, male humor.

Any arguments?

More silly, requisite, male humor.

So clueless, he doesn't even notice the spray-painted dots on his clothes!

Even more silly, requisite, male humor.
*Click here for the definition of "punter."

I desperately wanted to do one more, very naughty one. But, my friends all said that it would sink Esser Agaroth to such a low level of self-debasement, that it would recover, nor regain any respect,...ever. So, I decided to let my dream go, and not do it.

Let's just say it has to do with the "powers' that be" desire for "Contiguous United Nations Territory," and leave it at that.

But, by all means, please leave your ideas below as comments. And, please keep 'em clean!

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