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A Western Solution to a Middle Eastern Problem

ט"ו לחודש השני תשע"ג

Well, the title of this post could be about almost anything, and the mistake, repeated over and over and over again, in attempting to put this approach into action.

However, this evening, the criticism falls on MK Elazar Stern for proposing a liberal, Western-exile oriented solution to what is actually an international problem. Of course, many in the West, in Europe and North America do not even recognize any problem. I call it a Middle Eastern problem, because Israel is in the Middle East.

MK Stern
And so, a few days ago, MK Stern was attacked by an Eritrean citizen in South Tel-Aviv, had his kippah stepped on, and a cross waved in his face.

According to Tomer Devorah, MK Stern's "solution" for dealing with infiltrators into Israel is to spread them around the country more. Whether the Eritrean who attacked MK Stern is one such infiltrator or not is irrelevant. Is MK Stern seriously that wrapped up in co-dependent fear of not being considered politically-correct enough by colleagues such as MK Ruth Calderon (Yesh Atid) and MK Michal Roisin (Meretz), or perhaps by Europeans, that he would propose such ridiculous plan of action, and call it a "solution?"

Let's take a look at some of the Middle Eastern solutions to similar Middle Eastern problems.

Not so long ago, when Kuwait, with quite a bit of help from the United States, succeeded in kicking Iraqi military infiltration out of its Land, one of the first post-Gulf War actions it took was to kick out its entire "Palestinian" second class. Why? Well, not that it matters, but the "Palestinians" were dumb enough, or had integrity enough, not to hide their support for Iraq's leader Sadam Hussein. The Kuwaitis were not going to tolerate any of that. So, they kicked them out.

When Saudi Arabia welcomed California engineers into their country to assist in various projects in the 1970's (I believe), it came as no surprise that Jews were quietly told that they would not be participating. Snickers from behind scenes were immediately quieted when African-American engineers were told the same. The California engineers went anyway. Saudi Arabia has continued to do whatever it wants. Saudi Arabia knows that the non-Muslim world needs them more than they need non-Muslims.

Meanwhile, it is still illegal for a Jew to enter Saudi Arabia. There have not been any Jews in Saudi Arabia for considerable amount of time. Muhammad took care of that.

Nobody seems to think that they need Israel, economically. Attempts by some clever Israelis to remind the rest of the word that if they want to boycott us, then they had better boycott all of the high tech parts invented and produced here, as well as the award-winning wines from Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria).

It didn't work. Arab oil is just too important to piss off Arab countries. Even the "addicted to political-correctness" European countries prefer environmentally-incorrect Arabs, their oil, and their "religion of peace" (giggle) over Israel's high tech. They just ignore where those parts come from. They never liked Jews anyway, and are in complete denial that 400 year after Muslims were pushed back from Vienna, their present strategy has already achieved far more in the way of a takeover of Europe than just Vienna and east.

But, I digress....

When outsiders want something from us, they always seem to get it, don't they? The Israeli Government makes sure of it. For example, the Vatican just won part of Mt. Zion. How did the Vatican get it? The Vatican wanted it! And so, they moaned and groaned about it, until it got what it wanted!

By now, you are probably wondering what this all has to do with MK Stern, his ridiculous "solution," and Israel's illegal alien problem, more like illegal infiltration problem.

The point is that Stern's idiotic solution is much like the old Techiya Party's "solution" of annexing Yehudah and Shomron, without considering where to put the Arabs, and much like the current Jewish Home Party's idiotic "solution" annexing parts of Yehudah and Shomron, and granting the Arabs there either autonomy or Israeli citizenship. It is liberal, Western, globalist, and suicidal. It just seem to get worse and worse in Israel, as time goes by.

MK Stern isn't even talking about Arabs, who lay claims to our Homeland (much like the Seven Nations of old - hint, hint). He's talking about infiltrators who sneak into Israel, because they know they will have hope here; they will experience the hessed of the Jewish People.

Of course, hessed towards it own people,...well, that appears to be a completely different story, doesn't it?

And, why doesn't anyone every ask why the infiltrators do not bother to stop in Egypt, on the way from Eritrea, Sudan, and elsewhere? Why doesn't anyone ever question Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait over their exclusionary practices?

Oh, isn't Israel so nice??!! NO! Israel is filled with co-dependent suckers!

Tell me something. Will fancy-shmancy Ramat-Aviv, K'far Sh'maryahu, and Kokhav Ya'ir be getting their fair share of the infiltrators, as part of MK Elazar Stern's "solution?"

I sincerely doubt it, not with their "Not in my neighborhood!" elitist attitudes.

Do YOU want infiltrators in YOUR neighborhood? No, I didn't think so.

So, why doesn't the Israeli government kick them out? That would see to be the Middle Eastern solution

We may never know the answer to such mysteries. But, I will hazard a guess that is something to do with "what the goyim would think." It would be such a shanda! ::eyes rolling::

Needless to say, in lieu of any serious action taken by the Israeli government to solve the illegal infiltration problem, in the meantime, my taking back of MK Elazar Stern's Brownie Points, previously awarded to him, will have to suffice,...for not.

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Batya said...

I've been trying to read his book to review, and all I can say is that he's the worst of the mamlachtiim, so such fokokte idea is no surprise.

(Would you believe that one of the security "words" I have to write is "destroyeth?"

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