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Jewish Prayer On The Temple Mount

ערב שבת קודש פר'אחרי-קדושים תשע"ג
(ט' לחודש השני)
38th Anniversary of the town of modern day Ofrah (Josh. 18:23)

So far, the article below has elicited comments from friends such as...

"At least there is one man in the Knesset."
-The Kalashnikover Rebbe

"Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount!"

JPost: 'Jews should be able to pray on Temple Mount'
Daniel K. Eisenbud, April 18, 2013

New Interior C’tee head Regev says she plans to tour holy site; Meretz MK warns initiative could sabotage peace process.

MK Miri Regev (Likud), appointed Wednesday to chair the Knesset Interior and Environmental Affairs Committees, generated heated controversy when she said she intended to tour the Temple Mount with Interior Committee members to further the possibility of legalizing Jewish prayer at the site.

“Jews can pray at the Temple Mount,” said Regev, who in her new role could play a pivotal part in changing longstanding legislation barring Jewish visitors from praying there.

In a statement to the press Wednesday, she added that she will not hesitate to address the highly controversial issue.

“I don’t understand why a Jew is not allowed to pray in the most sacred place for him – the Temple Mount,” she said. “I intend to soon tour there, with an emphasis on freedom of Jewish prayer.”

MK Michal Roisin (Meretz) swiftly condemned Regev’s comments in a statement Wednesday, warning that her words could sabotage the peace process and ignite a “third intifada.”

“This is a low attempt and a cynical use of religion for political purposes to sabotage the peace process,” said Roisin.

“The government operates on an internal contradiction – on the one hand, it claims to adhere to the outline of two states for two peoples; and on the other hand, initiatives like this one by MK Regev hinder the process of negotiating.”

Roisin warned that it was just such an initiative by former prime minister Ariel Sharon in 2000 that ignited the second intifada. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Before I dive into this issue please allow me one aside. Is it me, or are there others who refuse to tolerate split infinitives?! Daniel, if MK Regev made the above statement in English, which I seriously doubt, then you're off the hook. But, if she made it in Hebrew, and it was translated into English, well, then I am VERY disappointed in you.

'Nuff said.

And, now, on with my in depth analysis...

MK Regev is correct.

Whereas, MK Roisin is the perfect example of a "self-hating, co-dependent, assimilated, stuck in galuth, even though she's in Israel" Jew.

How was that for "in depth?"

OK. Seriously, now, how could anyone possibly be surprised that a sniveling Meretznik would step up to make such a comment.

Ruin the peace process, and start a third intifada??

First of all, the ultra-leftist/assimilationist Meretz "vision of peace" not only involves the absence of anything remotely related to a Jewish quality to "Jewish sovereignty" over Israel (what would be left of it), but leads the Jewish People down the path of self-destruction, beginning with the piece-by-piece destruction of our God-given Homeland. Thus, MK Roisin is interested in Israel's full participation in the "piece process," not the peace process.

Second of all, a third intifada? Anyone who thinks that we're not still in the intifada which began before the First Intifada is insane, self-hating, Western/assimilationist. What a minute. I must apologize for being redundant. What I meant to say is that such individuals must be insane. The Arabs are going to riot and kill, take a break, riot and kill, take a break, and riot and kill, LIKE THEY'VE ALWAYS DONE! ...with or without the Temple Mount, which they only recently decided was theirs, and then made up the requisite lies to back up their story.

As I have said previously, the latest buzz phrase, "freedom of religious expression," seems to get applied to everyone else besides Torah-observant Jews. And governments filled with those like MK Roisin are the reasons behind this fact.

Meanwhile, back in the K'nesseth, here are the possible outcomes of this afair.
Potential Outcome Predictions [POP]:
1. MK Regev will back down.
2. MK Regev will be hung out to dry by PM Netanyahu.
3. MK Regev will be strung up by PM Netanyahu, and her name will be mysteriously absent from the Likud's list of candidates in the next elections.
4. It will be revealed that MK Regev will was set up to do PM Netanyahu's dirty work, to satisfy the right, and to distract us, while he gives up other parts of Israel in "piece process."
5. PM Netanyahu will wait and see which way the wind blows, and then decide what to do with MK Regev. Make her a Minister at the next opportunity? Or condemn her at the next opportunity?
Stay tuned.

And so, MK Regev (Likud) receives a score of one Eretz Yisrael. But, she only gets one (out of a possible five) for her lukewarm excitement over Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.
*Look closely at the map. I am afraid I couldn't fit in all of modern day Iraq.

Let's just hope she goes to the miqwah (ritual purification pool) first, and dresses appropriately. Only then, will I be able to call her a positive example for B'noth Yisra'el.

Sea Hag
MK Roisin (Meretz), on the other hand, receives, you guessed it! One of these...

And, for her use of the word "pluralism" as a code word for "Arab rights, but not Torah-observant Jewish rights," she also gets 1/2 of a Zoabi.

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