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Reading Ruth: MK Ruth Calderon In The Hotseat

מוצש"ק פר' אחרי קדושים תשע"ג

No, by "Reading Ruth," I do not mean reading Megillath Ruth from the Tana"kh (Bible), which is traditionally read by many on the upcoming holiday of Shavu'oth.

Rather, I mean I mean "Reading," as in the art of insult, and "Ruth," as in MK Ruth Calderon.

Are you sitting down? Good. Here I go.

Tablet: Ruth Calderon Calls Out Bigotry
Condemns anti-Arab racism and homophobia at controversial religious Zionist conference

Yair Rosenberg, April 18, 2013

Readers may remember Dr. Ruth Calderon as the new member of Knesset who turned her first parliamentary address into a Talmud lecture, the video of which quickly went viral. The Torah is not the property of any stream,” said Calderon, a secular Talmud teacher who has founded pluralistic Jewish study houses across Israel, during the speech. “We gave it away, when we thought there was a more important task, to build the army and the state and farming and industry. Now we must take back what is ours.”

Since then, as a result of her activism in Israeli society and now her role in the Knesset as a member of Yesh Atid, Calderon has emerged as the standard bearer for a new generation of non-Orthodox and non-religious Israelis seeking to reclaim their heritage, and to break the country’s Orthodox monopoly on Judaism.(cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
"Whateva! I do what I want!"
MK Ruth Calderon is fed up with homophobia? No problem. You will see the place of honor I grant one former member of the GLBTQ community below. I say "former," because s/he's dead.

Now, as for the all of those words above, I have highlighted in red, they are simply code phrases for "Whateva! I do what I want!"

They support the notion that something more than "Talumdic scholarship" is at play here.

Sheesh! I have already brought up MK Ruth Calderon a few times on Esser Agaroth (2¢), and she has only been an MK for a few months! If this keeps up, I may even have to add a "MK Ruth Calderon" topic label.

The so called "right-wing" Ramle conference allowed her to participate, and ended up with egg on its face.

Would a leftist conference do the same? I think not.

And what did MK Ruth Calderon talk about? Being fed up with anti-Arab racism. Remember, I suggested that I would stay away from the issue of homophobia,...for now.

And, why do you suppose that there are anti-Arab racists in Israel?

Rockets from the south, rockets from the north, bombings, shootings, and attempted poisonings aside, of course...

MK Ruth Calderon's "Talmudic scholarship" should have taught her about the nature of Yishma'el. The nature of this people stems all the way back from its who was described as a "wild ass of a man" (Gen. 16:12).

It is true, that in the end Yishma'el did do teshuvah. He repented. However, his children did not.

MK Ruth Calderon should know that throughout Tana"kh (The Bible), and in the Talmudim of which she is supposed to be a "scholar," there are countless references to the nature of the Yishma'elites: thieving, marauding, and debauchery. Having no connection to the Land of Israel WHATSOEVER, it is clear that Yishma'elites have crossed into Israel when it is weak, taken advantage of that weakness, and have then left, moving onto their next victims.

But, she apparently does not.

Yet, MK Ruth Calderon should have observed the change in strategy by the Yishma'elim. When seeing that the Jews would building up the Land, they flowed into Israel, from all over. They came from Syria, from Lebanon (the southern part of which is really Israel, which she should know), from Jordan, and from Egypt. Either the Ottoman authorities did not care, or they encouraged it.

Then in 1967, because force is what Yishma'elites understand, they started to settled down, realizing that the Jews are here to stay, and maybe even that God was on our side after all, and started working with Jews, even becoming employed by them.

But, apparently, she did not.

MK Ruth Calderon should also have heard the expression...

There is no promiscuity like the promiscuity of Yishma'el. אין זנות כזנות ישמעאל
-Avoth d'Rabbi Nathan (among others)

But, apparently, she has not.

MK Ruth Calderon should be familiar with post-Talmudic history, such as the dawn of Islam, which including the near genocide of Jews residing in the Southern Arabian Penninsula. Even today, Jews are banned from Saudi Arabia. But, of course, no one wants to discuss THAT in the mainstream news media, or to call it racist, lest someone decides to pull the plug on their oil supply!

But, apparently, she is not.

But, maybe I have been unfair to MK Ruth Calderon. Maybe she does know all of the above, but...
1. She doesn't believe any of what she is a "scholar" in
2. OR she is naive, and believes in the Western/assimilationist line of trying to force the Arab's square peg into a Western, circular hole.
3. OR she is quite skilled in manipulating the sources, and I have, indeed, underestimated her.
"She Who Must
Not Be Named"
MK Ruth Calderon receives a score of one (nope. not a Sea Hag, but a) "She Who Must Not Be Named," for not even bothering to try to convince us why women should not have to cover their hair.

Now, to hammer the point home, I have included a video, which explains the concept of "reading."

I doubt I did as good of a job that the interviewee in the video could have done, but tried my best at "Reading Ruth."

I have no doubt that this video will offend many, the religious due to its content, and the GLBTQ community and their friends, for daring to apply it in this context. Yet, with everybody, including religious Jews, buzzing about, and raving about gay marriage, having fallen prey to the distraction strategies of the "powers that be," you will be seeing quite a bit of leftist content on Esser Agaroth (2¢) thrown back into faces of hypocrites leftist.

In other words, Leftists, prepare to get a taste of your own medicine.

Actually, it will be more like a choking gulp than a taste.
**Profanity Alert!**

The "Legendary Mother," Dorian Corey (R. I. P.)
explains the arts of insult "Reading" and "Shade," 
in a clip from the film "Paris Is Burning" (1990).

Hmm,... What DON'T I have to tell MK Ruth Calderon?

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