Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who Stood For The Israeli Memorial Day Siren?

ה' לחודש השני תשע"ג
Israeli Independence Day
(Israeli Memorial Day - observed)

The siren went off this evening at 8:00 PM, one of two sirens sounded on Israel’s Memorial Day. The second will go off tomorrow morning.
"Day of Remembrance for fallen IDF Soldiers and for those slain in terrorist acts"

I was traveling on the #4 bus when it went off. The driver stopped the bus, and everyone stood, including the Haredim on the bus. Where they were going on the #4 on a night when everything was closed, I have no idea. The #4 goes from the center of town to the southern neighborhoods of Qatamonim, Pat, and Malhah, ending at the Jerusalem Mall.

But, I digress....

I bring up the issue of Haredim, because this community has often been criticized for not standing in place quietly during the sounds of sirens. This past week, when the sirens went off for Holocaust Memorial Day, a new past time was initiated amongst Haredi bashers, that of taking photographs of those not standing in place. Of course, those individuals running around taking pictures were, themselves, desecrating the somber observance.

And what about all of the Arabs who do not stand in place? That's OK, is it?

At least Haredim have a way in which they do honor those who were murdered during the Holocaust, the Fast of the Tenth Month (10 b'Teveth) and the Fast of the Fifth Month (9 b'Av).

Regarding Memorial Day, there are also plenty of more appropriate Jewish observances than standing for a siren.

I stand for the fallen soldiers for one reason. I stand, because in spite of all of the flaws of the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF], and the government which runs it, and there are many such flaws, those soldiers who fell, fell protecting the Land in which I live, and my life which I still enjoy.

I stand in solidarity with those civilians who were slain, because I was almost one of them.

So,now, let me take the opportunity to remember one IDF soldier whom the Israeli government would gladly keep brushed under the carpet, if it were not for pesky writers like myself.

Eden Natan-Zada, may HaShem avenge his blood, was brutally murdered in the Arab city of Sh'far'am, while in the hands of the Arab police officers of that city.

He allegedly killed four Arabs on a bus. And, for that reason, Shfar'am Police could not hold these vicious animals at bay? What happened to the Israeli government's "sacrosanct democracy?" Everyone receives a fair trial in Israel, except "certain Jews?"

Where was the thorough investigation into what really happened on that bus in midsummer, 2005? Was Eden, perhaps, simply defending himself from the already present hatred, ignited by the sight of his IDF uniform?

And what happened to Eden's murderers? They are still "unknown" and at large. Case closed, in perfectly executed, State of Israel "equality" for all citizens and equal treatment of all of its agencies.

Double standards are rampant in Israel. But, I for one will not stand for them.

The Israel government, and the leadership of ALL communities within Israel must be held accountable.

Memorial Day and Independence Day should be about building unity among the Jewish People, not divisions.

Will you be a part of the unity, or of the divisions?
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