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My Dear Yishmaelite Cousin: I Wish You Were Right, But You're Not

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ קרח תשע״ד

One commenter on Guest Post: Kidnapped Jewish Teens and Search and Rescue, wrote the following via Google+. I believe that unfortunately he is hardly the only one to have such beliefs.
The kids will probably show up once the Zionist thugs have bombed the Palestine to hell.

Kids probably ran away
Oh, how I wish that you were right!

I wish that we really were thugs, at least a little bit. I wish that we really were Zionists!

You are certainly welcome to call yourselves whatever you want, even "Palestinians." Serious, though, you are not descendants of the Philistines who lived in and around Azza, and the Roman Empire deciding to apply that tiny territory's name to all of the Land of Israel, just does not make it so, certainly not today.

This is roughly what the Land of Israel should look like...

The borders of Eretz Yisra'el at the time of its conquest by Yehoshu'a Bin-Nun, only a portion of what was Divinely promised to Avraham Avinu for our future (Gen. 15:18-21)

Don't you think that if the Israeli Government was truly Zionist, don't you think it would have annexed all of Israel by now? How about at least the portions west of the Jordan River, and south of Israel's currently recognized border with Lebanon?

Don't you think that if the Israeli Government was truly filled with thugs, Jewish thugs that is, it would have already conquered these lands, irregardless of criticism from abroad?

What country in its right mind allows its sworn enemy to serve in its own government, MK Hanin Zoabi, and to route for Israel's destruction, and allowed to do so because of so-called democratic principles??

What country in its right mind allows its sworn enemy to serve in its own government, even after a previous such member of government, MK Azmi Bishara, fled Israel after being questioned by police on suspicion of aiding and passing information to the enemy during wartime, contacts with a foreign agent, and receiving large sums of money transferred from abroad??

These are not examples of Zionism, although they would have you believe that it is, nor are they examples being thugs. Rather, these are examples of nothing less than suicidal tendencies!

I mean c'mon! I do not see Arabs and other Muslims sabotaging themselves in such manners. Do you?

Incidentally, the Land of Israel will eventuallylook something like this..

"In that day the Lord made a covenant with Avram, saying: 'To your seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates.' the Kenite, and the Kenizzite, and the Kadmonite, and the Hittite, 
and the Perizzite, and the Rephaim, and the Amorite, and the Canaanite, and the Girgashite, and the Jebusite.'" 
- Genesis 15:18-21

Please notice that the word הכיבוש (HaQibbush/the conquest) is used without shame here (upper left), as it should be.

Again, "Palestine." No Jordan, no Iraq, no Kuwait... Perhaps we will be fortunate enough to have a peacefull Kurdistan as one of our neighbors.

But, I digress...

"Bombed to hell," huh?

Actually, I have mixed feelings about bombing Israel to hell. One of my readers suggested that we only bomb the Mosques. That might be more efficient actually, since we will eventually have to clear away the final vestiges of false worship. 

Granted, Muslims are pretty close. Some say they are much closer than Christians whose worship of  false deity is much more problematic that Muslim worship. Muslims just have to give up murder and rape, and start bringing murderers and rapists to justice. Those are two of the misswoth you would be required to keep if you wanted to remain residing in the Land, that is, when we will be allowed to accept gerei toshav (resident aliens) in our midst.

However, our Laws dictate that we cannot do this just yet. So, you will have to be patient. You can use this time to work on those two of the seven commandments of No'ah I mention above (Gen. 9).

Anyway, Israel still has a government which would simply replace the bombed out mosques with bigger and better ones.

On the other hand, I do not like the idea of MY homeland, the Jewish Homeland being bombed to hell.

So, in conclusion, with all that I have presented, honestly, I DO wish that you were correct, but you so from it, you don't even know!

Please feel free to call me a Zionist Thug, but the Israeli Government?

Puh-leaze! Gimme a break!


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