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Islamic State, More of a Threat than you Think

ט לחודש השישי תשע״ד

YNET: Saudi king warns Mideast jihadists will soon target West
King Abdullah says 'terrorism knows no border' and would reach Europe, America in months if they are not stopped.

August 30, 2014

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has warned that Western countries will be the next target of the radical jihadists sweeping through Syria and Iraq, unless there is "rapid" action to curb their growth.

"If we ignore them, I am sure they will reach Europe in a month and America in another month," he said in remarks quoted on Saturday by Asharq al-Awsat daily and Saudi-backed Al-Arabiya television station.

Speaking at a welcoming ceremony on Friday for new ambassadors – including a new envoy from Saudi ally the United States – King Abdullah warned of the threat posed by a resurgent terror movements: "Terrorism knows no border and its danger could affect several countries outside the Middle East."

The world's top oil exporter shares a 500-mile border with Iraq, where Islamic State militants and other Sunni Islamist groups have seized towns and cities.

Lack of action would be "unacceptable" in the face of the phenomenon, King Abdullah said.

"You see how they (jihadists) carry out beheadings and make children show the severed heads in the street," he said, condemning the "cruelty" of such acts.

U. S. President Obama with Saudi Arabian King Abdullah

"It is no secret to you, what they have done and what they have yet to do. I ask you to transmit this message to your leaders: 'Fight terrorism with force, reason and (necessary) speed'."

Riyadh has long expressed fears of being targeted by jihadists, including some of its own citizens, who have taken part in conflicts in Iraq and Syria. Earlier this year, it decreed long jail terms for those who travel abroad to fight.

Also on Friday, US Secretary of State John Kerry called for the world to come together in a global coalition to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

"With a united response led by the United States and the broadest possible coalition of nations, the cancer of ISIS will not be allowed to spread to other countries. The world can confront this scourge, and ultimately defeat it," Kerry wrote in an opinion article for the New York Times.

The top US diplomat warned that the latest incarnation of Islamic extremism was larger and better funded. "They are equipped with sophisticated heavy weapons looted from the battlefield. They have already demonstrated the ability to seize and hold more territory than any other terrorist organization, in a strategic region that borders Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey and is perilously close to Israel."

Britain raised its terrorism alert on Friday and Prime Minister David Cameron said Islamic State posed the greatest ever security risk to the country.

AFP and Reuters contributed to this report.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
The King of Saudi Arabia is rightfully concerned, concerned for his seat of power. Perhaps an Islamic State [IS] Caliphate would tolerate a subservient Saudi monarch, but would most definitely not tolerate the current Saudi monarch's decadence.

The Saudi Arabian Royal Family has long been attempting to negotiate the Arab terrorism fence, supporting terrorism when it serves their common goals, and whining about it when it does not. Members of the Royal Family have already attempted to placate extremist Sunni Muslims, the Wahabis, as in Al-Qaeda and Bin-Ladan, in the past. So, it did not surprise me in the least, when it was reported that they have been paying off the same Wahabis, now in the form of ISIS, not to attack.very extremist Sunni Muslims sweeping across Iraq and Syria, and who are now perched over, and ready to strike Lebanon, and perhaps even Turkey.

Meanwhile the King of [the British-invented country of] Jordan, also an "Abdullah," has been expressing his nervousness of the IS threat. I wonder what the Jordanian Monarch believes the "Palestinian" Pseudostinian majority in Jordan would react to an IS incursion into Jordan. Would the Pseudostinians resist it along side their Jordanian countrymen, or would they welcome them with open arms, like the Austrians did for the Nazis? The King's clever strategy of making a "Palestinian" his queen, might not turn out to have been enough to maintain their loyalty. Jordan may turn into a "Palestinian" state in name as well as in fact, whether the King likes it or not.

No doubt, Jordanian King Abdullah will seek council with his cousin Saudi King Abdullah. How will he be advised? To help in the bribery? To resist? But, then, what will the Jordanian King actually do? Will he side with whichever decision the Saudi King makes for his own kingdom? Or will he take his chances with the West? Will that include a large piece of humble pie, by seeking assistance from Israel?

And, exactly which side is the U. S. on?

Conspiracy? Not even. We have already seen the U. S. prop up various Muslim groups, hoping that they would help do some of its dirty work.
After the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in the '70's, supposedly with it sights on acquiring a warm water port in the next country on its conquest list, the U. S. supported the Mohajadin rebellion against the Soviets. The Mohajadin were the precursors of the Taliban.

Who can forget the Iran-Contra affair? Making deals with the newly in power Islamic extremists, who had just usurped the Iranian Shaw, one of the greatest allies of the U. S. in the Middle East.

In the next moment, the U. S. was supporting Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, in his war against the Iranians.

He got out of control, invaded Kuwait, and killed too many of his own citizens, so it was decided that he had to be taken out. No doubt, a steady oil supply into the U. S. was a predominant, motivating factor.
So, now, who knows what connections the U. S. has with or within IS?

Also, why has the media only recently been reporting on the threat of IS? Why has this threat been suppressed? To prevent "panic?" (governments' favorite excuse, it seems)

The Saudi King has known for years how much of a threat the Wahabis are. Why has he come forward only now? Have the bribes stopped working?

And, of course, the final question, when the conflict come to Israel?

Syria's civil war (let's call it what it really is), with the mixing is of IS, has already been getting closer and closer to Israel's borders.

What are we going to do about it?

Maybe it is all one big rouse, orchestrated by the U. S., as reported by Townhal. But, I mentioned above, if this is the case, then it is bound to backfire, like all of the other times in the past.


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