Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Phone App: The Ultimate in the Destruction of the Jewish People!

יום ירושלים תשע"ה
48th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem
"Jerusalem Day" 5775

This article from last week about a dating app., designed to bring together Israelis and Arabs romantically, made me want to vomit. When you read it, will make you want to vomit, too.

YNET: New dating app seeks to connect Israelis and PalestiniansVerona, a Tinder-style app, inspired by a romance between a Palestinian and Israeli in New York. 
Omer Barak, May 10, 2015 
The post-election atmosphere in Israel has had many abandon their hope for peace in the region in the near future, but one new application is giving peace a fighting chance with a Tinder-style model aimed to connect Israelis and Palestinians.

The idea for the app, named Verona after the city in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" where lovers from feuding families meet, was inspired by founder Matthew Nolan's Palestinian friend who met an Israeli girl in New York and fell in love.

Verona, which has the tagline "World peace, one swipe at a time," is almost identical to Tinder – accept for the Israeli/Palestinian catch. 
Users first log into Facebook and create a profile where they identify themselves as either Israeli or Palestinian. They then upload a photo of themselves and are then shown photos of people in their area who identified as the opposite group.

Users then swipe right if they like someone or left if they don't. If the two match, if both swipe right, they can start matching and potentially meet. 
"The idea for the application came to me while I was looking for a final project application for my art school studies," says Nolan during a phone interview from his Manhattan apartment. 
"I have a close Palestinian friend named Khaled, and he told me he met this amazing Israeli girl who came to live here in New York, and now they're together and in love.

"We started joking and saying that there needs to be an application that would set up Israelis and Palestinians and then left the subject alone. But I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind," says Nolan. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Even the assimilationist extraordinaire, "Reform Movement" in Israel has [sort of] come out against intermarriage, and specifically against dating Arabs,...sort of.

Arabs using a marriage to a Jew to obtain Israeli citizenship, their kidnapping and battering of their Jewish wives, their Jewish children brought up not knowing anything of their origins and heritage, except possibly for lies are only a few of the reasons why such a dating app. is destructive for the Jewish People.

Jewish men being seduced into marriages to Arab women, their lines and potential to have Jewish children lost in oblivion, may not be the physical perils which Jewish women have had to endure from their Arab "husbands." But, the spiritual death of such men should not be minimized.

And, of course, it is only a matter of time before Christians try to get in on the act, make their own "interfaith" application, and start trying to drag Jews into their own version of destruction.

Verona Application via Facebook
The bottom line here is that Verona's founder Matthew Nolan's definition of "peace" appears to include the following elements:
Jews remaining ignorance of Torah, their heritage
Jews rejecting Torah observance
Jews forsaking The Almighy's gift of their Land, their heritage
Jews marrying non-Jews
...which can only mean the total assimilation of the Jewish People into non-Jewish culture and society others words, the disappearance annihilation of the Jewish People.
Make sure you let Matthew Nolan how you feel about this, by contacting him through one of his websites, Matthew Nolan, Red Button (scroll down), or Twitter.


Anonymous said...

While I share your sentiment, I think it is awfully hard to convince someone who doesn't believe in Torah why intermarriage is a problem. Rav Kahane himself said that to oppose intermarriage for any reason besides halacha is racist.

Esser Agaroth said...

Good points.

Although R' Kahane hy"d maybe correct about racism, I do not believe he ever said it was not ok to oppose it anyway. Think about that one. ;-)

My opposition to the app. is not opposition to the Jews being duped into using it, my opposition is to the creators and Erev Rav supporters of the result of such an app.

And, as always, I'm expressing my frustrations about what goes on in the world. ;-)

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