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A Tale of Two Arab Cousins

כ"ג לחודש השני תשע"ה

Mohamed Abu Khdeir
Most of you have heard about the Israeli Government's attempt to include Mohamed Abu Khdeir on its list of victims of terrorism, whom were memorialized on Israel's recent Memorial Day (ג' אייר תשע"ה/April 22, 2015).

Mohamed Abu Khdeir was killed last year. According to Israeli authorities, his murder was carried out by "settler boys," in retaliation for last year's kidnapping and murder of Eyal Yifrah (19), Naftali Frenkel (16), Gil'ad Sha'ar (16) hy"d. Anyway, that is the claim.

The suspicion that Abu Khdeir was actually killed by those from his own community for being gay, was never fully investigated to my satisfaction. There are additional theories behind his murder as well.

And, of course, photo of Abu Khdeir giving the "three finger salute," the disgusting sign of support for whoever kidnapped, and then murdered Jewish teenagers Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Frenkel, Gil'ad Sha'ar hy"d, was almost impossible for me to find (Rotter.net?). Last year, the "three finger salute" could be seen all over the social media accounts of Arabs.

The religious, Jewish boys were enticed into a car in the Gush Etzion area, south of Jerusalem, when the Arab owner of the car asked for help to get it started. The Arab was then seen driving the boys away in the opposite direction of where they were headed.

Mohamed Abu Khdeir was removed from the list of terrorists victims at the request of his parents.
NY Times: Israel to remove Palestinian teen's name from memorial after protestsIsabel Kershner, April 21, 2015 
“...The occupation authorities are trying to improve their image in the world,” Mr. Abu Khdeir told Maan, an independent Palestinian news agency. Including Muhammad’s name on the state memorial, he said, “would not change the racist reality of the Israeli occupation.” 
The Abu Khdeirs are not citizens of Israel. Like most Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, they have permanent resident status, which affords them social welfare benefits and the right to work in Israel, but not an Israeli passport or the right to vote in national elections....
Well, they identify themselves as "palestinians," so why should they be allowed to vote? For that matter, why should they receive social welfare benefits or the right to work?
Reuters: Palestinian teen's name added to Israeli memorial, riling families on both sidesJeffrey Heller, April 22, 2015 
"...We can't accept that his name be included among soldiers who killed his relatives in Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank," said Khudair's father, Hussein.
His mother, Suha, said her son was "a Palestinian martyr, and not Israeli," and their family felt shamed....
It is clear as to whom their loyalties lie.

Meanwhile, in the United States...
Times of Israel: White House hosts US-Palestinian teen beaten by Israeli cops
Abu Khdeir family seeks assurances from US officials that son Tariq, 16, won’t be detained during upcoming visit to Israel 
Stuart Winer, May 11, 2015 
Tariq Abu Khdeir
(screen shot: CAIRtv)
White House National Security Council staffers recently hosted a US-Palestinian teenager who was beaten by Israeli riot police last year to review “pending issues related to his case,” CNN reported on Monday.

Tariq Abu Khdeir, 16, met with officials at the White House on April 15 to discuss matters related to his family’s planned visit to Jerusalem later this year. 
“The US government has remained closely engaged with Tariq and his family since his return from Jerusalem,” a White House official told CNN. “As part of the follow-up on pending issues related to his case, National Security Council staff met with the Abu Khdeirs recently.” 
The Tampa teenager — of Palestinian descent — and his family plan to return to Jerusalem in the summer to visit relatives in the Shuafat neighborhood of the capital.
Abu Khdeir’s family sought assurances from the White House that it would not suffer any retaliation for the events following the teen’s beating in July 2014. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
So, what I would like to know is why all the hubbub about poor little Tariq Abu Khdeir? Because he is an American citizen?

What about Naftali Frenkel hy"d, and the countless other American citizens killed or injured by Arab terrorists? Where has all the fuss been about them?

Why doesn't the above report mention the claim that Tariq Abu Khdeir was carrying a sling shot?These days, a sling shot can be used not only just to injure someone, say damage his eye beyond repair. But can also be used to launch small explosives at someone, blowing out even more than an eye.

The video, obviously taken by an Arab overlooking the scene, begins only after Abi Khdeir might have been disarmed. How convenient.

I would also like to know how Tariq Abu Khdeir was identified as the suspect in this video. The officers confessed? They were under pressure from other officers looking on? If the Israeli Police Force is so corrupt and heavily weighted against Arabs, then why no attempts at a cover-up?

Stay tuned to see if Abu Khdeir gets involved in another riot, or even gets used as a puppet to be some sort of symbol for the false "Pseudostinian" cause.

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