Monday, May 18, 2015

Yitzhak Eldan Should Read ALL of the Writing on the Wall

ערב ראש החודש השלישי תשע״ה

YNET: Anti-Semitism in a liberal disguise
Op-ed: 'Liberal' activists from Europe's political center are leading efforts to outlaw key elements in Jewish life, demonizing circumcision and kosher slaughter and igniting hatred.

Yitzhak Eldan, May 13, 2015

The fifth Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism (GFCA) opened in Israel on Tuesday evening in the presence of senior statesmen, parliament members, diplomats, research bodies, Jewish community heads, religious leaders and international organizations from dozens of countries, led by the Foreign Ministry.

The state of anti-Semitism has never been as serious as on the eve of this forum. Seventy years since the darkest chapter in the history of Europe, anti-Semitism is reaching levels which have yet to be seen, and there is barely a single area in Europe which is free of hatred towards Jews. There are thousands of cases of anti-Jewish violence, anti-Semitic incitement and Holocaust denial.

One of the reasons is the export of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to European countries through extreme propaganda led by radical Muslim immigrants, who are intentionally blurring the distinction between Israel and the Jews. In addition, Jews in Europe have become the target of the radical and communist left, and at the same time we are witnessing the rise of neo-Nazi and radical right-wing parties.

The "liberal" or "institutional" anti-Semitism, which has developed from the political center, is also growing stronger in recent years, and it may be the most alarming type of anti-Semitism: "Liberal" activists are leading efforts to outlaw key elements in the Jewish life, presenting circumcision and kosher slaughter in a demonic way, thereby igniting the winds of hatred.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
This op-ed is really not much different than any previous piece on anti-Semitism.

Yitzhak Eldan reaches out to Jews and non-Jews alike, in quintessential hasbarah (Israel PR) fashion. Being an "ambassador," I suppose that he believes that he has to.

But, I say forget the opinions of the non-Jews already, and any reaching out to Jews should be only bring them back to our heritages, Torah and Israel.

There are only two things for which I believe Eldan can be commended: The mention of Jew-hatred and the delegitimization of Israel, albeit he is not the first to do so, and the mention of current level of anti-Semitism being comparable, if not greater than that leading up to the Holocaust.

There is no mention of the collaborative roll Jewish liberals play, and have always played, in the scheme of things. For the most part, it is not their fault, but simply a result of the influence galuth (exile) has had on our people over the past two thousand years.

We have striven to "fit in," to become the best Americans, French, British, even Germans and Russians, we could possibly be. Yes, even orthodox Jews have succumb to this influence, and I am not referring to seeing a movie once in a while, using the Internet, nor wearing fashionable clothing. I am referring to the galuth mentality, which has caused to us to despair over, in not forget, where our only true homeland is located. The homeland of the Jewish People is Israel. North North America and Europe are temporary dwelling places alone, just like Egypt was supposed to be.

And, of course, there is no mention of aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel) as the only solution, let alone a solution at all, to protect Jews from the rising levels of hatred and violence.

Instead, Eldan states that...
"Hatred of Jews is not a "Jewish" matter. It threatens the values of democracy, freedom, equality and harmony – all the things Europe sought to be after recovering from its destruction."
Although he is correct in pointing out European hypocrisy, it does not appear that he sees that he is just wasting his time.

Legislation against circumcision and kosher slaughter, hatred and violence, are only the beginning.

Non-Jews are simply pointing out to us Jews what many of us have forgotten, and now need to be reminded of.

We are not like them, and we do not belong in their lands, with emphasis on the word "their."

We are a people, separate and distinct from all other peoples, and have our own heritage to keep and to cherish. But, before we can do so, we must take full possession of it, our Land, all of us.

Only 20 percent of us made it out of Egypt, while 80 percent were lost. Let us not repeat the same mistakes of the generation of the Egyptian exile; let us not repeat the same mistakes of the 1930's European exile.

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