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Is BDS Doing Israel a Favor?

י״ט לחודש הרביעי תשע״ה

So, apparently there is a lot of hubbub going on about something called BDS. BDS stands for Boycott, Divest, Sanctions, and seems to be upsetting a great many people in Israel.
Free Palestine?
What's Palestine?
Ah! They mean Pseudostine!
YNET: Evil spirit of BDS growing stronger in US
Op-ed: Surveys showing a record support for Israel among the American public opinion are an illusion; the anti-Israel atmosphere is infiltrating the most important centers of power and knowledge.

Ben-Dror Yemini, June 16, 2015

Many good people, and not so good people, think that BDS is an organization or a movement. They're wrong. It's an atmosphere. It's an evil spirit. It isn't criticism about the occupation, nor about the settlements.

Anti-Semitism was once defined as hostility towards Jews beyond what is necessary. BDS is unfathomable hatred towards Israel beyond what is necessary. Hostility which turns into racism. This evil spirit has infiltrated the most important centers of knowledge. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Although Ben-Dror Yemini makes some good points, as he often does, and readers will hopefully pay attention to what he has to say about the "atmosphere." The BDS campaign may be a contributor to the evil in the air against the Jews. But, it is only a symptom, and not the cause. That is what Jews, and perhaps even Ben-Dror Yemini, fail to comprehend.

Then, I saw this report...
Arutz 7: US Will 'Push Back Against Efforts to Delegitimize Israel'
Ambassador Samantha Power downplays concerns over Obama's comments on 're-evaluating' policy towards Israel at the UN.

Elad Benari, June 17, 2015

Samantha Power, the United States’ ambassador to the UN, on Tuesday said that the Obama administration continues to fight efforts to delegitimize Israel at the UN, reports The Associated Press (AP).

Power made the comments in a speech before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, in response to comments from committee chairman Rep. Ed Royce.

Royce expressed concern over what he called the "UN's continuing anti-Israel bias," especially in the organization's human rights council, but he also expressed concern over recent comments by Obama regarding a re-evaluation of Washington’s policy towards Israel at the UN.

"More disturbing is that the Obama administration seems on the brink of discarding decades of bipartisan support of Israel against the UN onslaught," said Royce, a Republican, according to AP. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Um,...Samantha Power? Remember her? I do.

The only legitimacy Israel possessed in the eyes of Samantha Power appears to be the legitimacy as a target for invasion by American troops.

Just watch this video, and you will see for yourselves.

Well, that's enough about Samantha Power and the United States of Am-Reqa (Heb.: empty people).

YNET: Rift in Foreign Ministry prevents effective fight against BDS
Division developed in the ministry after professionals urged cooperating with Jewish left-wing organizations to fight boycott, with politicians choosing to brand all criticism as anti-Semitism -- thus excluding potentially powerful voices.

Shahar Ginosar, June 28, 2015

Chairman of the Israel Farmers Federation, Meir Tzur, has encountered the boycotting of Israeli products too many times recently. "Just this month, three chains in England announced they won't work with Israel," he says with evident frustration.

"Every time I get a message like that, I feel the most hurt in the world, an outcast, and concerned. Thousands of farmers have already suffered in fields that until recently we were dominating; like flowers, cherry tomatoes, spices or peppers. But most of all my anger is directed at the government of Israel. We have been turning to any possible ministry for years now, warning them, telling them, asking for help, and it turns out we have been talking to a wall. The government is always indifferent; everyone is in denial about this, and not doing anything meaningful." (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
When the humble, Israeli farmer says, "I feel the most hurt in the world, an outcast...," all I can do roll my eyes.

When he says, "...concerned," all I can say is that he should be concerned.

BDS Australia 2005
When he says, "The government is always indifferent; everyone is in denial about this, and not doing anything meaningful," I become hopeful, hopeful that this time, the people will finally have had enough with the same old promises from this politician or that politician, and stop looking to the

The rest of this piece is long and boring, and totally unoriginal. (yawn) So, don't bother.

Concluding Esser Agaroth (2¢):
We are supposed to separate from the goyim. Alliances are one thing. Slobbering over them, and being economically dependent on them is a completely different thing.
If produce from the Southern Arava region, which is exempt from Shemitah (Land of Israel's Sabbatical Year) would stay in Israel, and not be exported...

BDS Spain 2013
Cool! I don't like that stupid wall running
through the middle of my country either.
If Palestinians Pseudostinians would be denied work permits, to work in factories, cleaning, road working, building, and other forms of manual labor, not allowed into Jewish towns in Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria), and forced to fend for themselves (Laws of A"Z and Goyim 10:1-9)...

If even half of those learning all day, would stop learning full-time after four or five years, fill these jobs, or be allowed to learn skills for any number of other vocations...

If Christian "volunteers" were no longer recruited to work OUR Land, praised and slobbered over, and allowed to sing praises to their false deity/messiah, while harvesting our produce (Laws of A"Z and Goyim 10:1-9)...
Well, of course, there are a lot more "IF's" involve, and I do not pretend to be an economic expert.

However, I do believe that focusing our energies on our issues at home, instead of wasting time on co-dependent, love and validation seeking from the "international community" goyim, otherwise known as "hasbarah," then we will be in much better shape, and not just economically, but spiritually as well.

(Besides, it the goyim can't get something so obvious that they wouldn't have a lot of their technological toys, if it weren't for Israel, you should just forget about it already.) 

The so-called "right-wing" has been frustrated, and now so is the "left-wing." Maybe on the surface, the BDS Campaign is just another thorn in our side. But, underneath it all, maybe it is giving us the economic kick in the pants we need in order to wake up.

We may have to learn the true meaning of frustration, and as long as we continue on the same, fruitless path, I believe it is going to be more than a little difficult for us. If you believe that Jew-hatred has been getting bad in the world, just you wait!

We are supposed to be a separate and distinct people, yet we have forgotten this. Defending the Arabs, even though they are murdering us, allying ourselves with Christians, even though they want our Land, with or without us, and the general obsession we have with international people-pleasing, wanting to be a nation "just like every other nation," has led us astray from where our focus should actually be, on The Holy One, Blessed Be He and the truth in His Torah.

So, maybe BDS is doing us a favor, doing for us, what we have unfortunately been unable to do for ourselves. After all, it is The Almighty who is in control of everything, including BDS.

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An eye opener said...

BDS was never about "changing" anything. It was and is all about besmirch and vilify Israel as supposedly the bad guy. It is why it has adopted the vile unfair terminology, (including that apartheid slur initiated in Oct.1961 by pro Nazi Arab A. Shukairy), portraying racist Arab Islamic genocidal warriors (using its own population as human shields) as the "victim" and pluralistic Democratic multi colour Israel as negative.