Friday, August 07, 2015

Investigation into the Jerusalem Pride Parade Stabbings

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ עקב תשע"ה
Arutz 7: Officer Dismissed from Stabbing Probe over Conflict of Interest
Internal investigation over the police oversights which led to the death of a teen - and wounded five others - made more transparent. 
Tova Dvorin, 8/5/2015 
...Among other things, the committee will check whether police examined in depth any intelligence information regarding the dangers threatening the gay pride parade.
It will also look into a possible lack of coordination between the police and the Israel Prison Service (IPS), which released stabber Yishai Shlissel three weeks ago after he served 10 years for a previous stabbing attack at the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade in 2005.
The committee will begin investigating who is to blame for the oversight on Wednesday, Walla! News revealed. Due to testify are Brig. Gen. Effi Havivian, commander of the Zion area, and commander of the Moriah division, Kobi Davidian. 
Edri will be a prime focus of the investigation as well, and he will be scrutinized over whether he examined intelligence information enough in the weeks leading up to the parade.

The investigation marks the latest in a string of scandals which have rocked the Israel Police over the past year.
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Fellow blogger Neshama pointed out this photo of Yishai Shlissel being escorted away by whom? Plain clothes police officers?

Yishai Shlissel being escorted away by "plain clothes" police officers?
Well, whatever police work shoddiness was at play, before, during, and after the stabbing attacks at this year's Jerusalem Pride Parade, the Israeli Police at least had the forethought to station plain clothes officers among parade watchers,...assuming these plain clothed individuals were police officers, and not members of "another Israeli law enforcement agency."

However, they failed to connect the dots between Shlissel's release three weeks ago, his letter two weeks ago, and the overall, potential danger he posed to parade participants and onlookers.
Arutz 7: Gay Pride Stabber Sent for Psychiatric Observation
Jerusalem Magistrates Court unsure whether Yishai Shlissel is fit to stand trial after he refuses to participate in legal proceedings. 
Tova Dvorin, 8/5/2015 
The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court has sent the perpetrator of last week's Gay Pride parade stabbing in Jerusalem for psychological observation on Wednesday, after noting that he refused to cooperate with the court.

Yishai Shlissel arrived to his hearing Wednesday repeating earlier claims that he does not recognize the court's authority, and that he will not be represented by any lawyer.
Despite this, a representative of the Public Defense attempted to get Shlissel to change his mind about legal representation. (cont.)
Fit to stand trial or not, the Israeli Government seems to see Shlissel's lack of recognition of the court's authority as an existential threat to its State. He is not the first to make such a statement regarding the court's authority, albeit under completely different circumstances.

The easiest strategy of for the Government in Shlissel's case was to deem him "unfit to stand trial," in other words, insane.

The public will express its anger over this, and "demand justice." But, Shlissel will eventually be forgotten after being milked by the Government for everything he's worth to them in public relations points.

I do not believe that Shlissel will be the last Jew to criticize the courts, and by extension, the State.

Ideologically driven "settlers" protesting various government policies, such as throwing Jews out of their homes, and handing their lands over to Arabs, have also publicly declared their rejection of the Israeli court's authority.

Let us see if calling that Jew "unfit" or "insane" holds water the next time a Jew declares his lack of recognition of State's judicial system. I am not so sure that it will.

Let's see if any attempt on the part of the Government to put such settlers in the same category with Shlissel, simply because they also reject the courts' authority, will succeed in fooling the public as well.


Devorah Chayah said...

It's getting to the point that the world is going to reach a consensus about traditional religion being the root of all evil including terrorism (which is how you get cries of "Jewish ISIS" and "Jewish Taliban"). Anyone who insists on clinging to the "old" ways and "old" beliefs will be branded a "pre-terrorist" and be sent to a re-education camp where he will be indoctrinated into the "new" religion of peace and love and acceptance of everything that is traditionally forbidden.

All you have to do is look at the obviously planted articles and their accompanying comments, likely also planted. And the 'machine' that does this has been revved up on 'high' of late.

Esser Agaroth said...

For sure.

Unfortunately, the Christians may take this opportunity to strengthen even more their hold on their "Jewish allies" in Yehudah and Shomron, among other areas, claiming victimhood for similar reasons.

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