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Another One of Naftali Bennett's "Brilliant" Ideas!

ראש החודש השישי תשע״ה

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JPost: Arab students will learn Hebrew from kindergarten, Bennett announces
Maariv Online with Lahav Harkov, 08/14/2015

"Improvement of Hebrew among Arab students will result in their ability to more easily integrate into the Israeli workforce, and economy and society at large," he added.

Education Minister and leader of the right-wing religious-Zionist party Bayit Yehudi Naftali Bennett thinks that Arab students in Israel need to learn more Hebrew. Bennett announced that in the coming year, the Education Ministry will be rolling out a program called "Continuous Hebrew" in which Arab students will begin learning Hebrew as a compulsory subject beginning in kindergarten.

The program aims to improve the Arab students' verbal Hebrew language abilities and will run from kindergarten through grade 12 and will cost an additional 30 mill

Bennett said the decision was meant to narrow social gaps in Israel.

"The decision for Hebrew to be taught in kindergartens in the Arab sector was taken with a view to the children's future," Bennett said.

"We believe that the improvement of Hebrew among Arab students will result in their ability to more easily integrate into the Israeli workforce, and economy and society at large," he added.

Education Ministry statistics show that 93 percent of grade 6 Arab students think that knowing Hebrew will help them to succeed in the future. Only 47 percent of the students have exposure to Hebrew outside of school; 26 percent read newspapers in Hebrew, and only 16 percent watch Hebrew television programs.

Study of Arabic from first grade

In May, MK Oren Hazan proposed a bill requiring Israeli pupils to study Arabic from first grade.

The legislation states that schools in all sectors of Israeli society must learn Hebrew and Arabic – Israel’s official languages – from first grade onward.

“Just as it cannot be that Arab citizens complete 12 years of school without knowing Hebrew, the existing situation, in which Jewish citizens complete 12 years of school without knowing Arabic, cannot continue,” Hazan wrote in the bill’s explanatory portion.

The Likud MK pointed out that Arabic is on street signs and used by public institutions and government offices.

Mandatory Arabic classes “will allow students and citizens to understand one another,” he explained. “Knowing the language of the other is the basis for understanding and mutual respect, which are necessary in the current situation in Israel.”

According to Hazan, knowing Arabic will help Jewish Israelis understand Israeli Arabs’ culture and social codes.

“Knowing the language and being able to communicate with different people can increase our sense of security and serve as a bridge between people,” he added.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Naftali Bennett working his magic...again!
Seriously? How does Naftali Bennett even come up with this stuff?

How incredibly embarrassing that he is Israel's Minister of Education.

It looks like these Arabs already know Hebrew pretty well.

Arabs vandalize a Jerusalem light rail station in their own neighborhood of Shu'afat.

Hebrew graffiti: "Death to Israel, Death to Jews"
Let me tell Minister of Education Naftali Bennett something. I taught in his the Israeli public school system for eight years.

I wonder how much experience Bennett has in the elementary school classroom.

One of these years I taught in Yaffo, at a school which was two thirds Jewish and one third Arab. It was made very clear that this was a Jewish and Hebrew language school, both by the Ministry of Education, and by the secular, Jewish principle. But, these middle-class Arab students' parents were happy that their kids attended this school anyway,...for integration purposes.

While the upper class Arabs went to private schools, and the lower class Arab kids' parents chose to send their kids to the Arabic language, public school, these middle class Arab students of mine spoke Arabic at home and Hebrew at school and often on the street, most of them without any noticeable accent. They only began to learn how to read and write Arabic in the fourth grade, just like the Jewish kids.

In this school, the Arab kids are already learning Hebrew, starting in the first grade.

If Naftali Bennett is concerned about social gaps, then why doesn't he concern himself with the "Israeli Arab" community internally?

Let me tell Naftali Bennett what happens when middle and upper class, "Israeli Arabs" learn Hebrew.

Iyyad changes his name to Idan, to fit into Israeli society better. Then, in university, or college, or vocational school, he starts dating Rachel. Before Rachel realizes that Idan the Israeli is really Iyyad the "Israeli Arab" Muslim, she is already smitten with him, believing that she is in love.

You won't have to worry about Rachel's Arabic skills, because she is about to get a crash course,...literally!

I wonder how much experience Bennett has teaching Arabs.

As far as MK Hazan and the "social codes" of Israeli Arabs go, just look at the photo above.

Our children do not have to learn Arabic to understand their "social codes." They have to learn more Tana"kh (Bible). It's all there, in the Tana"kh, and in the news. Even the leftist-controlled news media cannot manage to hide all of the truth from us.

The Yishma'elim (Arabs/Muslims) understand physicality; they understand force. And they certainly already understand our social codes quite well, including just how gullible we are, including our Minister of Education.

If Bennett were really a Religious Zionist, and truly right wing, then would be concerned with doing something else to the Arabs, not teaching them Hebrew in the first grade.

He certainly wouldn't be interested in giving some Arabs autonomy and others Israeli citizenship.

The Bennett Plan vs. the Arafat Plan
Can you tell the difference?

Nor would he support any building freezes.

It's all relative, I guess.


Nofyah said...

All Jews in Israel should learn Arabic so they can understand what the imams say on Fridays....

Neshama said...

Netanyahu so degraded Bennett and then squeezed him into a position he's unqualified for, it's awful. It was education or nothing. Bennett has so comprised he is no longer the Bennett elected into office. Israeli politics is so demeaning. Now it's Danon's turn to mess up. Watch and see. One by one Netanyahu is emasculating his challengers.

PS. I think the Arab terrorists know enough ivrit to write all over walls in when committing terror acts.

Shlomo W said...

Bennet is cluesless on what a real Jewish state means. He's bibi with a kippah. Only Feiglin has a clue.

Rivka Leiner said...

Natanyahu did not squeeze Bennett into this position for which he is not qualified, the rabbonim connected to Bayit Yehudi did. It was more important to them to restore control of this ministry than any other. Most people voted for Bennett because he was going to be something connected to security and defense. But the pathological need to control religious education is over all.

The advantage to Bennett is that he gets to play innocent, even hurt, over the demolitions, selling of Yerushalayim and persecution of Jewish activists.

Esser Agaroth said...

Thank you to all four of you for commenting.

I wish I had something exciting to say in response.

But, what else can I really besides, "You're all right?"

You're all just clearly correct, and there's nothing else I can say."

However, when I receive comments like these, it does validate that I am not crazy, and on the right page.

So, thanks again.