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Mosques and Churches Burn! Everyone is Outraged! Synagogues Burn, Who Cares?

ב' לחודש השישי תשע"ה

Synagogue Arson: Books and Tefillin are Undamaged
Employees discovered the fire at the 'rest stop' synagogue just off Highway 6 before it spread into the building.

Hezki Ezra, 8/16/2015

Arsonists set fire to a small roadside synagogue in north-central Israel before dawn in Friday, but the fire was put out before it could consume holy books and tefillin (phylacteries). The synagogue is located next to a rest stop on Highway 6, and enables travelers to make a “pit stop” for praying and then continue to drive down the major thoroughfare.

Mendi Makmal, Chabad's emissary at the synagogue, told Arutz Sheva that the report about the attack was received at 5:00 AM Friday. The same synagogue was burned to the ground in a previous arson attack, 14 months ago, and Makmal feared that the same thing had happened again. Happily, he was proven wrong.

"In the end it was the employees at the site who showed initiative, took fire extinguishers and water and succeeded in putting out the fire,” he recounted. “Thank God, the damage is only external, the tefillin and books remained whole, and only the walls and air conditioners were damaged. We will fix them and activity will resume with even greater gusto.”

Security cameras were installed after the previous arson, and the recordings are in the hands of the police, said Makmal.

While the synagogue is located near the Arab town of Baka al-Gharbiya, Makmal was not quick to point the finger at that specific community. “There are fields and orchards here and a person can approach from any direction. If you want to set the fire, you just have to cover your face and set the fire.”

Makmal said that the arsonists apparently had helmets on. They poured gasoline and set it on fire, and then got away. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Apparently, still no word on the analysis of the security camera footage. My bets are on Arabs.

Helmets? A professional job? Maybe. Well-planned out? Definitely.

This was second time this synagogue was set on fire in 14 months. It is "located near the Arab town of Baka al-Gharbiya," yet the rabbi "was not quick to point the finger at that specific community."

However, the rabbi did not rule out Arabs as the culprits either.

More importantly, though, where is the outrage?

Meir David Ettinger sits in jail under an old British Mandate legal action, called "administrative detention," used against Jews fighting for Israel's independence, cohorts of former Prime Ministers Begin and Shamir. Ettinger is being held as a suspect in the alleged arson of of an Arab's house, killing it's owner and infant son.

All evidence appears to be pointing to the consequences of Arab clan wars. But, has anyone recanting their scatching accusatory assumptions that it was Jews? Has any Israeli politician displayed regret for his calls for the death penalty?

A church was burned in the north, and the world is up in arms. Two additional young, Jewish men sit in "administrative detention," accused of the church's arson. But, at least one of them was with his parents at the time the fire started.

Naftali Bennett
...calling for the death penalty.
A mosque was burned down in an Arab village next to K'far Tapu'ah in the Shomron (Samaria), supposedly by Jews. A former neighbor of mine, another grandson of Rabbi Meir Kahane hy"d was taken in for questioning for about eight hours, before being released. Also named for his grandfather, Meir David is nice and bright, young man, as gentle as his father Rabbi Binyamin Kahane hy"d
A leftist professor had a pipe bomb blown up next to him. At least 15 Jews were dragged in for questioning, myself included. This incident still smells like a "false flag event" to me, an excuse to harass Jews who fear The Almighty more than the Israeli Government, and a chance to convince them to work for them.

Arabs burning synagogues, running people down with cars, buses, and tractors are either said to be "acting alone," crazy, freedom fighters, or sufferers of battered wives syndrome.

They go to jail, sit around, watch television and eat pizza, waiting their turns to be released in the next prisoner exchange, after which they can go out and kill some more Jews (May The Almighty save us from ourselves!).

Whereas Jews suspected of killing of killing an Arab, even without any eyewitnesses, let alone any evidence at all, sits in jail, with limited contact with counsel, if that, and are called extemists, and threats to the State's vary existence, and anti-Semites and self-hating Jews have a field day yelling out, "I told you so!" and comparing them to the Taliban and ISIS.

These young men are supposed to be "extremists," because they acknowledge that the Torah touches every aspect of a Jew's life, and not just "shabbos and kashrus shailos."

Whereas the bumbling idiots, hanging on with dear life to their seats of power, call themselves "Zionists," and have obviously forgotten what the term realy means, not to mention the actual origin of the concept, from thousands of years ago.

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