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Terrorists Or Freedom Fighters?

כ"ז לחודש החמישי תשע"ה

This is the bottom line of what they think.
Arutz 7: Israeli-Arab Actor Defends Hijacker: He Was No 'Terrorist'
Israeli Arab actor at premier of 'Sabena' says Black September hijacker who threatened to murder passengers was 'fighter' for 'stolen' land. 
Yoni Kempinski, 8/12/2015 
Award-winning Israeli Arab actor George Iskandar spoke with Arutz Sheva on Tuesday night at the premier screening of the film "Sabena" at Cinema City in Jerusalem, and claimed that the Black September terrorist he portrays in the film "isn't a terrorist." 

The film recreates the May 9, 1972 hijacking by four Black September terrorists of Sabena Flight 571, a passenger flight arriving from Vienna to Lod Airport with 90 passengers on board, and the ensuing heroic rescue mission by Israeli commandos - including future prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu. 
But Iskandar said, "I don't like this word 'terrorist.'"

Referring to Ali Taha Abu Sanina, who he plays in the movie, he said, "I don't call him a 'terrorist,' I call him a 'fighter,' he's a person who had something stolen from him, something taken from him, and he fights to get it back." 
"I can not agree or agree with the way in which he fought. But I don't think that a person who had something stolen from him and fights for it back can be called a 'terrorist,'" he said, terminologically justifying attacks on civilians with the "stealing" of land at Israel's foundation. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Well, it seems that "Israeli Arab" actor George Iskandar believes that land was stolen at the State of Israel's foundation.

How many other "Israeli Arabs" feel the same way? For that matter, how many assimilated Jews feel the same way?

But, I digress...

It also seems that there is still a disagreement as to whether Arab terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands are terrorists or freedom fighters, simply because they have a reason behind their desire to annihilate the Jewish People, and not just attempting to do so for the heck of it.

Prime Minister Menachem Begin
(next to his secret police mugshot)
Former Israeli Prime Ministers Menachem Begin (Etzel) and Yitzhaq Shamir (Lechi) believed that the British were ruling over their land, and wanted to be rid of them in favor of a Jewish government. Were they terrorists or freedom fighters?

Since we have museums dedicated to the Etzel and Lechi, I guess that means that they were freedom fighters.

But, Arabs believe that this is their land, so why do we call them terrorists, and not freedom fighters?

Prime Minister Yitzhaq Shamir
(next to his wanted poster offering a reward for his capture)
The only justification for this differentiation is what the Torah says, that Eretz Yisra'el (Land of Israel) belongs to the Jews, and not the Arabs.

But, as long as we remain wishy-washy about this, and relate to only part of the Torah, and not to the entire Torah, we will continue to remain in this precarious position, of there doubt over our claim to Eretz Yisra'el.

Did we steal Arab land, or did we reconquer it? Why are we afraid to use this word "conquer?" The Arabs are not afraid to use it.

PLO military insignia
The Land cannot belong to both peoples. As we have see countless times in the past, the Arabs do not just want Yehudah, Shomron, and Azza (Judea, Samaria, and Gaza) alone.

They want it all, and they clearly do not want to share it with Jews, let alone allow Jews to be a part of its future, deMOCKratic goverment.

Our fellow, yet confused Jews, indoctrinated into Western, non-Jewish society, and constantly inundated with mixed messages from all around them, are looking for self-identity and self-esteem everything except authentic Judaism. After all, who would even think about search for self-identity and self-esteem in a place where the representatives appear to be just as confused as they are?

Whether searching for self-identity and self-esteem within the so-called "movements" of pseudo-Judaism, as an "American," like many German Jews did in the 1930's, by assimilating into Western culture, or by disappear into a shrine, an ashram, a church, or a mosque, these Jews are lost, and cannot blame them.

With whom would you side, one who is direct and committed to its beliefs, or one who is not?

Which of these sides would appear to you, to have a strong self-identity and high self-esteem?

Until we stand up and say directly that Eretz Yisrael belongs to the Jews, and not just "sort of," or "maybe so," or "partly," then we cannot expect our fellow Jews to stop siding with the Arabs' claim to our Land.

And so, I ask you, were Begin and Shamir terrorists or freedom fighters?

They were fighting for the freedom of our Land, Eretz Yisra'el, so the answer should be a no-brainer.


For those versed in Talmud, see the beginning of the Talmud Bavli Babba Metzi'a. Then you will see what I mean.

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Neshama said...

They (Begin and Shamir and others) were soldiers in the Army of Hashem!

And that terrorist in the movie is a pere adam! A wild (ass animal) man, not a man who is wild, but a wild (ass) who is also a man!*

*The Ramban interprets פרא אדם in the following way:
The correct interpretation is that פרא אדם is a construct form meaning that he will be a wild-ass man accustomed to the wilderness going forth to his work, seeking for food, devouring all and being devoured by all. (Ramban: Commentary on the Torah, Vol 1, Genesis, Charles Chavel trans., Shilo Publishing House, New York, 1971, p 214.)

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