Monday, August 24, 2015

Where Exactly in Israel will the African "Refugees" Live?

ט׳ לחודש השישי תשע״ה

YNET: Released asylum seekers blocked from Tel Aviv, Eilat
Some 1,200 to be released from Holot on Tuesday, Wednesday; those caught in Tel Aviv or Eilat to be detained at Saharonim.

Tova Zimuki, Omri Ephraim, 08.23.15

While some 1,200 African asylum seekers are due to be released from Holot this week, courts approved Sunday a plan drafted by Public Security Minister Silvan Shalom denying them entrance to Tel Aviv or Eilat.

Holot, an "open" detention facility where asylum seekers are held without trial, is due to be emptied according to a Supreme Court decision that limits the amount of time an individual can be detained.

The ruling angered residents of southern Tel Aviv where locals have felt the brunt of Israel's African immigration crisis with tens of thousands of illegal residents remaining in the area.

Eilat has also been a central destination for those arriving from across the Egyptian border with 10 percent of its population currently made up of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

In accordance with Shalom's plan to implement the ruling, 600 of Holot's detainees are due to be released on Tuesday and another 600 will follow on Wednesday.

The restriction on movement will be enforced by distribution of special visas to the released asylum seekers. Those caught by authorities in Tel Aviv or Eilat will be removed to Saharonim Penitentiary. It was unclear Sunday how long the asylum seekers could legally be held under these circumstances.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Oh, don't worry, the Israeli Supreme Court is bound to overrule this "racist" and "discriminatory" policy!

No, not the restriction on living in Tel-Aviv and Eilat, but the re-detention of those caught sneaking in anyway, against the government's decision.

Plus, while Torah-observant, young Jewish men, are sitting in jail without being charged, African insugents will most certainly be allowed to roam around Israel freely, including the "undesirable" areas of Tel-Aviv, such as South Tel-Aviv and the areas adjacent to the Old Bus Station. They will just blend in with the other insurgents already there, raping and pillaging.

So, if you live in the northern quarters of Tel-Aviv, you will not have to worry about them invading your neighborhood. The Israeli Government has got your backs!

Isn't this exciting?! Those of us in Jerusalem, Hertzliyah, and Netanyah have some adventures in store for us! New neighbors on the way!

Just don't you dare defend yourself or your children from harm, because YOU will be the one to end of in jail!


For more information, and to keep up to date, about the plight of South Tel-Aviv resident, follow South Tel-Aviv activist May Golan on Facebook.

"HaIr HaIvrit" fighting for our home! - May Golan

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Esser Agaroth said...

Bruce Ginsberg said...

My reply:

Well, I guess I shouldn't bother to tell you to [go learn and then quote] halakha, and leave your Western/non-Torah "feelings" behind, because chances are (just guessing here) you don't care.

Instead, I will suggest that you...

1. Ask May Golan what it has been like in South Tel-Aviv.

2. Ask those who lived in Nachlaot (those who actually paid attention) what it was like in say 2007 plus-minus.

3. Would you like them in your neighborhood?

4. What does race have to do with this? An Ethiopian Israeli (ie. of African decent) already put that question to rest. See Ethiopian College Student Puts Leftist in her Place.

5. Is it fair that Israeli citizens sit in administrative detention while these "refugees" roam free?

6. Want to make a difference and combat "racists" like me? Come live here.

7. Good luck in a country which is supposed to be a temporary dwelling place (like Egypt was), as opposed to living in the Jewish Homeland.

8. Have a nice day! :-)

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